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Dragon's Dogma 2 Pass: How to get it to cross the Battahl border?

 Although Dragon's Dogma 2 doesn't take us there right away, it is possible to get quests that ask us to go to the Battahl region. However, a pass is required to cross the border. How to get it?

Dragon's Dogma 2 Pass: How to get it to cross the Battahl border?

How to get the pass to reach the Battahl region?

You can obtain a pass by following the quest “Nation of the Flickering Flame” given by Brant.

Your mission will be to learn more about the vox divina, a strange artifact that seems to come from Battahl. Crossing the border is necessary to carry out this mission. So, the captain will provide you, in addition to the quest, a pass that you must always keep with you to pass the wall that separates the region of Vermund and that of Battahl of Dragon's Dogma II.

How to access Battahl without a pass?

If you are a little trickster who likes to defy the rules or you have misplaced the precious pass to travel from the Stopover Village to Bakbattahl without making a quick trip with transpierres, know that there is another solution.

There is a secret passage which, by the way, will not be without pitfalls: in fact, by passing under the bridge at the Stage Village, then going up the river until you reach the cliffs, you can quickly reach the Battahl region. .

On the other hand, this path will be strewn with very real dangers; Ogre, Minotaur, Chimera, Drac … There will be many elite monsters who will stand in your way. So, before setting off on this winding path, we strongly invite you to rest at a campfire, prepare a good piece of meat, and then stock up on consumables. The clashes will ensue very quickly.

Besides, don't climb the cliff too quickly, the elite monsters are very close to each other. To avoid a fierce fight that will leave you no respite, eliminate them one by one.

How to return to Vermund from Battahl without a pass?

Although it is possible to go to the Battahl region without a pass, be aware that there is no return route from Battahl to Vermund. So, in order to avoid the terrible experience of being stuck in a region, we advise you to buy the Leonin Mask at Ibrahim's Bazaar in the Stopover Village.

By wearing it, you will be able to return to the Vermund region without any problems! It costs 8,700 gold, so make sure you have the necessary funds before smuggling the Battahl border.