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Dragon's Dogma 2 trophy list: How to get all 55 trophies?

 The Dragon's Dogma 2 game is fast approaching, find the complete list of all the trophies you obtain while playing the game. (spoilers!)

Capcom, the video game giant,  is preparing something very big with the imminent release of Dragon's Dogma 2 . After a first opus released in 2013, Capcom is back with a second edition, which promises to be much more complete. They intend to make Dragon's Dogma 2 a must-have action-rpg video game in an open world.

Dragon's Dogma 2 allows you to explore a vast fantasy world solo with a rich story. To add to the challenge, you will have the opportunity to collect various trophies by completing quests. In this article, We'll give you the list of all the trophies you can obtain, be careful, there are a lot !

List of all trophies in Dragon's Dogma 2

In this new action RPG game, you will have the opportunity to collect a total of 55 trophies ! Among this collection, you will find 46 trophies in bronze, 6 in silver, 2 in gold and 1 in platinum ! In order to obtain these trophies, you must have completed different missions, quests or objectives during your adventure. Here is the list of all the trophies, and how to obtain them in Dragon's Dogma 2 :

Bronze trophies:

  • The First Taste of Freedom - Escaping the Bonds of Slavery.
  • Arisen - You have regained your memories of the Arisen Charge.
  • Proxy Headquarters - Arrived at Vernworth.
  • Across the Border - Crossing the border gate.
  • Dragon's Dogma 2 - You witnessed the unmoored world.
  • Peace - Becomes Sovran of Vernworth.
  • I, Talos - Helped the gigantus to walk again.
  • Versatile - Change vocation.
  • Duo Destinies - You have changed your vocation to become a mystic caster.
  • Trickster of the Trade - Vocation change to trickster.
  • Arrows and incantations - Change of vocation to archer magician.
  • Jack of All Trades, Master of...All Trades - Your vocation has become a warrior.
  • A Tent Adventure - You've been camping.
  • A house ? In this economy? - Purchase of personal accommodation.
  • One Speed ​​Only - Ride an oxcart.
  • The Savior - Use a waking stone to bring the dead back to life.
  • Just a stone's throw away - Used a ferry stone.
  • A Badge of Honor - Acquire a Pawn Badge.
  • Gigantus, I Hardly Knew Ye - Defeat gigantus in no time.
  • The head upside down ! - Decapitate a jellyfish.
  • The Specialist - Reaches the maximum rank in a vocation.
  • A Pawn of Many Talents - Taught a specialization to your pawn.
  • Wish on the Rift - Set a pawn quest.
  • Myrmecoleon's Delights - Enter the Rose Castle.
  • The Collector - Collected 80 researcher tokens.
  • The Philanthropist - Won the affections of 50 people.
  • Affinity and Beyond - Increased a person's affinity to the maximum.
  • Dragon Forged - Strengthening a wyrmfire weapon.
  • This'll Cure What Ails Ye - Having taken a dip in the hot spring.
  • Abbreviated Cyclops - Crossed a Cyclopean bridge.
  • Harpy Joyride - Summon a harpy, grab it and fly away.
  • Quit Playing Dead - Revive two pawns simultaneously.
  • Dragon's Dogma - Obtain Dragon's Dogma.
  • The Barbecue Master - Grilled all types of meat during the night and day.
  • Nobles' Evening - Attend a masquerade in a palace in full regalia.
  • Thought I'd Lost You - Bringing the dead back to life in a morgue or mass grave.
  • Before Dawn - Defeat the Headless Horseman.
  • The Tourist - Discovery of 50 places.
  • Have we arrived? - Board the ghost oxcart.
  • The Regriffin - Fly away a second time aboard the griffin's wing.
  • Where it all began - Return to the volcanic island of Agamen.
  • There is something to do - You witnessed a fight between your admirers in your home.
  • Dragon's Hearth - Reach Dragonsbreath Tower.
  • I hope you brought a lantern - Reached Drabnir Cave.
  • To the winner, the spoils - Recover your items from the scavenger who stole them from you.
  • Here I am - Used illicit means to get through the border gate.

Silver trophies:

  • Closure – Experienced the end of the cycle.
  • The Guardian - He led the people safely into the world without moorings.
  • The Hero - He overcame the trials of the shoreless world.
  • An Eye for an Eye - Petrify a jellyfish.
  • Obtain a Head - Acquire a preserved Medusa head.
  • The Reaper's Scorn - Performed a miracle for several people at once.

Gold trophies:

  • Full Rating - Found the solution to all the riddles posed by the Goddess of Riddles.
  • Master of Masters - Acquired all the teachings of the masters.

Platinum trophy:

  • The Real Arisen - Obtain all other trophies in Dragon's Dogma 2.

You will have noticed, the trophies are categorized according to four ranks (bronze, silver, gold and platinum). The more difficult the way to obtain the trophy, the closer the trophy gets to platinum rank. Note that it is very possible that new trophies will appear in the coming months.

Dragon's Dogma 2 trophy list: How to get all 55 trophies?

How long does it take you to complete Dragon's Dogma 2?

You will not be disappointed with the playing time that Dragon's Dogma 2 offers you.  According to our colleagues  at HLTB , 37 hours of play are necessary to complete the main story. For the most perfectionists,  HTML provides approximately 100 hours of play in order to complete the game 100% .

Don't worry, each player has their own pace, you obviously have the possibility of completing the story according to your pace of play. For comparison, the first opus required approximately 20 hours of play to complete the main story.