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In addition to the actual playing, the varied menu content in FC 24 Ultimate Team also contributes to the fun of the virtual trading card game. During the Ultimate Birthday Promo it is now possible again to craft lots of packs to get powerful cards. We'll show you what you have to do for it.

This is the situation:

  • EA Sports has released many new squad building challenges as part of the new Ultimate Birthday promo, which allow drawn players to be recycled in various ways.
  • In combination with the special cards currently available in packs, including the UT Birthday Icons, it is possible to draw numerous strong players who can improve your team.
  • With the right approach, you can essentially generate an infinite number of packs with a small starting capital. The more often you repeat the cycle, the higher the chances of a happy hand.

We will provide you with a detailed explanation of the method and show you how you can get the most out of the currently available SBCs.

Open an infinite number of packs in FC 24 Ultimate Team - This is how the new crafting method works

Step 1, this is how you get started: First you tackle the daily gold upgrade SBC, which you can complete a total of four times until it resets itself again.

You will need around 18,000 coins as starting capital if you do not have the necessary bronze and silver players in your club. To save coins, you can also complete the daily bronze and silver upgrades.

With the gold players you received you can now complete 4x 81+ picks. If you are lucky and get something good from one of the Daily Gold upgrades, you will save the card in the club.

You can then use eleven of the remaining twelve cards for a normal gold upgrade in order to obtain the necessary rare gold players for the picks.

Step 2, the cycle begins: First open your player picks. Players with a rating of 81 or lower are used for further picks, 82-84s and an 85 are collected for the Team of the Week SBC.

Any Inform with a rating of 87 or higher from this will go into the corresponding exchange SBC to receive new gold players. You keep the rest. 86+ players from the picks will also be traded.

If you draw special cards, you have to decide for yourself whether they can strengthen your team or be recycled in one of the exchange SBCs.

Depending on how full your club is, you can repeat this step several times and open plenty of player picks.

Step 3, close expensive SBCs: The more picks and packs you open, the more your club will fill with SBC fodder.

You can use this in special challenges such as the 85+ professional choice and the 82+x20 upgrade to increase the chance of getting top players with a high rating.

You can then put all unusable cards back into player picks or the 83+ TOTW professional choice and repeat the steps above.

Step 4, further bonuses through the crafting upgrade: If you want to get strong cards even faster, you should always complete the Ultimate Birthday Crafting upgrade in parallel with the previous steps.

This is possible up to 150 times and gives you further rewards, as a milestone in the associated objective is reached after every fifth completion. Here you will receive additional high-rated players as well as special packs and picks.

Although the method is of course associated with luck, constantly opening picks and packs with a little patience will definitely result in one or two special cards.

In between, however, you might have to buy either non-rare gold players or, to make things easier, an 89er. In general, the method also works without using a single coin.