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Faleris Palworld: Capture, reproduction... How to obtain this Pal?

 Marcus made you want to have Faleris on your team, but you can't get your hands on him despite numerous searches throughout Palpagos? In this Palworld article, we give you all the methods to get it!

Faleris in Palworld

A Faleris burns the surrounding area in a fiery whirlwind when it finds a herd of prey. Its inhabitant gives off a delicious smell.

Faleris in Palworld

  • Type : Fire
  • Partner Skills : Burning Predator - When fighting alongside him, the number of items obtained increases if an Ice-type Pal is defeated
  • Work capacity : Firestarting lv.3 and Transport lv.3
  • Dropped objects : Ignition organ
  • Encounter Level : ~41

While waiting for Jetragron , Faleris proves to be a very good mount. Although his partner skill will not be very useful, his movement speed, on the other hand, can greatly help you visit Palpagos more quickly .

So that Faleris can move quickly, we advise you to obtain him with the “ Sprinter ” perk. This way, his movement speed will be increased by 30%.

How to get Faleris with breeding?

To obtain Faleris through reproduction, there will not be three thousand possible associations. Faleris is a relatively rare Pal, so the parents who can spawn an egg containing Faleris can only be counted on the fingers of one hand (if not just two fingers). In fact, there is only one association that allows you to obtain Faleris at the Ranch, without needing to have it in your Pal Box.

  • Vanwyrm + Anubis
If you haven't done so yet, go get Anubis in his arena or try to get him through reproduction. Luckily, the recipes to obtain this legendary Pal are much more accessible!

How to capture Faleris in Palworld?

Faleris is found, day and night, in the protected wilderness area north of the Dry Dunes. This area is protected by the area's militia, so you will need to exercise great discretion to avoid getting caught.

Additionally, Faleris has a relatively low spawn rate. It is then advisable to eliminate or capture the Pals in the area to refresh the appearances and thus increase your chances of finding it. For the capture, you will have to use Legendary Spheres, otherwise the capture rate will be much too low to catch it with ease.

If, however, you believe that the capture rate remains much too low to successfully capture it, we invite you to improve your chance of capture from the power statue by using Lifmunk statues. They can be found all over Palpagos, so climb on a flying mount, then go looking for small green statues. Note that they are easier to discern at night, so do this expedition after dark!