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Fast travel Dragon's Dogma 2: Ox carts, transstone... How to move faster?

 Walking isn't really your strength and you want to avoid traveling on foot? Know that there are ways to travel quickly in Dragon's Dogma 2. To make your adventure easier, we explain how these various fast travels work!

Fast travel Dragon's Dogma 2: Ox carts, transstone... How to move faster?

Can you fast travel in Dragon's Dogma 2?

Yes, fast travel exists in Dragon's Dogma II. At the start of your adventure, you will not have access to it: walking will unfortunately be an obligatory stage of your journey.

But when you arrive at the capital, things get easier, because you will discover two means of transport that will allow you to travel more quickly: ox carts and transpierres.

Although there are these two means of fast travel, keep in mind that walking will always be there and will be your main means of travel.

The most economical fast travel: ox carts

Ox carts, the preferred means of travel for the inhabitants of Vermund and Battahl, will allow you to travel between the various major cities in Dragon's Dogma 2.

For the modest sum of 200 coins (and sometimes 100 coins), you can travel from certain cities to others. By speaking with the coachman, you can pay for your fare. By making yourself comfortable in the cart, then taking a nap (Y on Xbox and triangle on PlayStation), the journey will be completed in a flash... At least, if you don't get attacked.

Ox carts are practical and economical, but not safe, as you have a chance of being attacked by a pack of wolves, a group of goblins or even worse by an elite monster.

However, the journey does not end here! If you manage to eliminate the threat without breaking the cart, you can safely get back into it and then return to your nap to open your eyes once you arrive at your destination. Initially, you will not have access to all the oxcart travel, but by progressing a little in the main story, then discovering new towns, you will be able to unlock some.

Here is an example of the fast travel you can do with the ox carts:

  • Vernworth ⭢ Melve | Melve ⭢ Vernworth (after a few main quests)
  • Vernworth ⭢ Stopover village | Stopover village ⭢ Vernworth
  • Stopover village (after the border) ⭢ Bakbattahl | Bakbattahl ⭢ Stopover village
Note that you cannot use the ox carts whenever you want: they follow specific schedules. So, don't hesitate to “ Wait for the ox cart ” from the sign placed on the station to see it arrive a few seconds later.

The most convenient fast travel: transstones

You will no doubt have noticed that ox carts do not serve all the towns and villages in Dragon's Dogma 2. Some villages only require a single visit, while others (Harve in particular) require you to return there at numerous times. So, to avoid traveling on foot, you can use transpierres. This very practical item will allow you to teleport to the Portacrystal of your choice.

Some cities hold a portacrystal, we are thinking in particular of Harve, the capitals (Vernworth and Bakbattahl), in the Sacred Village or even on the dragon island of Agamen. Otherwise, you can place a portacrystal on the location of your choice, to activate a custom fast travel point (useful for The Sphinx). Teleporting to a portable portcrystal can be done whenever you want, however, you will need to activate the fixed portcrystals of the cities to travel to them.

Although transstones are practical, they are nonetheless rare. This resource is not easily found, so you will have to use it wisely. You will obtain transstones by opening certain ornate chests found in the wild, by completing quests, in the vendor's shop for 10,000 coins, or by solving the riddle of the Sphinx's rehash.

  • NEVER buy transstone from Ibrahim's Bazaar. It is a counterfeit, so it will be of no use to you.

Where to find a portable Portacrystal?

Rarer than transstones, portable Portacrystals can be obtained by performing various activities. There are so many things to do in Dragon's Dogma 2 that we'll give you some pointers below:

  • A portacrystal will be given to you by Brant, for completing a main quest,
  • A second portacrystal will be given to you as a reward for solving the riddle of the madness of the Sphinx,
  • A third portacrystal will be granted to you by the seller of the Dragonspawn in exchange for Dragon Crystals, a resource dropped by the Dracs or sold by traveling merchants,
Otherwise, you can obtain other portable portacristals by completing other quests or by opening certain chests decorated with gilding. This resource is relatively rare, so it will not be given systematically.

Although we strongly advise against it, be aware that you can also buy a portacrystal and transstones by spending real money in the in-game store. This purchase is not at all necessary, so just go on your way and prefer completing quests.