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Felbat Palworld: How to get this mysterious Pal?

 You want to complete your Paldex with Felbat, the Dark Pal, but no way of knowing how to obtain it? In this Palworld article we tell you how to get it!

Felbat in Palworld

Pounces on its prey from the darkness and traps it in its cloak-like wings. It's better not to know what happens next, or why the inside of the wings are red.

Felbat Palworld: How to get this mysterious Pal?

  • Type: Darkness
  • Partner skills: Lifesteal - While fighting alongside him, absorb a portion of the damage inflicted by the player to restore his HP as well as that of the player
  • Work capacity: Pharmacy level 3
  • Dropped Items: Cloth and Soul of Little Pal

Felbat is a good combat Pal for the mid-game: however, it will very quickly prove useless given its very average statistics. We advise you to place it in the Pharmacy of your camp once level 40 is exceeded. It will be of greater use in this workshop to prevent the various ailments of your Pals.

Get Felbat in his arena

The first way to obtain Felbat is in the Forgotten Island, the one located north of the Black Volcano and the Protected Wilderness Area . He will be in his arena and does not pose a big threat given his low level.

You will encounter him at level 23 and will be relatively weak against Dragon type attacks , so take your best Pals of this type to face him. Consider not using Non-Elemental Pals , as Felbat will make short work of them.

Get Felbat in his arena

Obtaining Felbat through reproduction

The second way to obtain Felbat lies in reproduction . There is a fairly large list of associations that can be made upon obtaining the Ranch.

  • Penking + Chikipi
  • Penking + Teafant
  • Penking + Mau
  • Rooby + Celaray

However, it is possible to obtain Felbat in other ways... In the wild world of Palpagos, and no sphere will be needed to obtain it. We'll explain!

Obtain Felbat from smugglers

Felbat is not available naturally. But you can find it during your exploration sessions by speaking with the Smugglers . Among them, some have Felbat in their possession: so if you are not interested in arena combat and reproduction, you can very well spend a few gold coins to obtain it.

Find below all the Smugglers who offer Felbat for sale:

  • The Smuggler of the Bamboo Valley
  • The Yellow Forest Smuggler
  • The Smuggler of the Eastern Storm Isle
  • The Black Volcano Smuggler