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Fenglope Palworld: Dungeon Entrance, Capture... How to obtain this Pal?

 Are you looking for Fenglope in Palworld, but you don't know how to enter her boss dungeon or how to approach her in combat? Find in this article all the information you need to know about this Pal!

Fenglope in Palworld

Long ago, her beautiful appearance was regularly the subject of paintings. Then over time, its fur and horns became commonly used materials in works of art.

Fenglope in Palworld

  • Type : Non-elemental
  • Partner Skills : Wind and Cloud - Allows the use of double jump when mounted
  • Working capacity : Slaughter level 2
  • Dropped Items : Leather and Horn

Fenglope is a Pal mount that turns out to be really good as a non-elemental Pal . He will be much worse than Paladius, but will be able to help you in the middle of the game. It will give you very good Water and Ice type skills. This is a feature that should not be overlooked, as it will be able to inflict heavy damage on Fire and Electric type Pals.

On the other hand, you should not hesitate to improve his life points and his defense a little so that he does not get destroyed by the other Pals.

As a mount, Fenglope really won't be useful. Even having him with the Sprinter trait, he can never be faster than Jetragon.

Where to find the entrance to the Fenglope boss arena?

The Fenglope Arena is located at Ascetic Falls, west of the Palpagos Archipelago, on the border of the Black Volcano.

The entrance to his arena is located north of Fenglope's position, at the foot of the waterfall . Going down there, you will quickly notice wooden installations. And by crossing the waterfall, you can find the path that leads to Fenglope alpha's hiding place.

To quickly eliminate Fenglope, we advise you to have Dark-type Pals in your team . Maraith, Pyrin Noct, Incineram Noct, Shadowbeak , Astegon and Felbat are very good Pals to overcome the alpha version of Fenglope! In your defense, there is no need to choose particular Pals: Fenglope is a Non-elemental Pal, so it does not exert any particular force on your Pals.

  • Before going into battle, don't forget to upgrade your Pals with the Statue of Power and the Enrichment Capsule to improve your Pals' stats and skills. Also feed your Pals with small dishes that increase defense or attack (depending on the needs of your creatures). We think in particular of Kelpsea Fries, Mozzarina Cheeseburger or Eikthyrdeer Ragout.

Where to find Fenglope in the wild?

If you don't want to look for Fenglope in its alpha version, you can very well find it in the wild. The latter is found at the Black Volcano, but also in the wild area located north of the Arid Dunes . Fenglope is a diurnal and nocturnal Pal, so you can encounter him relatively easily while walking north of the Black Volcano.

As for the wild area, be careful, because this area is protected by the local militia, which makes the capture of Pals within this island “forbidden” . However, by exercising discretion, you will be able to wander freely in the area.

Fenglope has a relatively high spawn rate, so you shouldn't have any trouble encountering him . However, if you have trouble seeing him appear, do not hesitate to eliminate or capture the Pals in the area to refresh the appearances and increase your chances of finding him.