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FF7 Rebirth Odin: how to defeat him and obtain the summoning material?

Odin is one of the summons that you can face and unlock in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Here's our guide to defeating her.

In Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, you will obviously experience or relive one of the greatest adventure stories in the license and more broadly in video games. In addition to the many hours to complete this story, you will have more to complete the side content of openworld regions like the Juno region.

Side activities include Summons and Espers. If summons are rarely secondary in a Final Fantasy, this is the case in FF7 Rebirth since you are not required to unlock them to complete the story. However, it is a significant help to have these materials at your side. Odin is the sixth that you can unlock and we'll explain how to do it!

How to get Odin materia in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth?

To obtain this materia, you must defeat Odin in Chadley's Battle Simulator. As soon as you unlock the Nibel zone, and complete the introductory tutorial, you will have the opportunity to face Odin, as is the case for Titan or even Phoenix. But be careful, if you try to defeat him at this time, you may have a lot of trouble. 

How to get Odin materia in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Indeed, to facilitate the fight, you must explore the Nibel region to find Odin's Espers. There are 3 of them and will allow you to reduce its power up to 3 times, making it much easier to defeat! We advise you to proceed in this way, because Odin is particularly formidable.

Finally, by having found the three Espers of Odin, your materia will reach the 4-star rank and will therefore have better statistics in addition to unlocking a summoning skill for Odin!

How to defeat Odin?

Odin is a formidable opponent who requires a lot of strategy. First of all, have a team of at least two ranged characters and ideally, take Yuffie as the team leader. To get an idea of ​​the composition, you can go with Cloud, Yuffie and Aerith as we did to successfully defeat Odin.

As for spells, definitely have spells to reanimate, but also items to do so, because some of Odin's attacks can one-shot you. Throughout the confrontation, favor dodging for its attacks rather than guarding or parrying . This is due to the fact that Odin charges his Zantetsuken skill faster if you get hit by his attacks, and this of course includes guarding and parrying.

In terms of its weaknesses, unfortunately there are none, but you can still use elemental attacks like Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind without it being blocked by the resistances and immunities of the Invocation . From the start of the fight and throughout it, we recommend using the Haste skill to allow your main DPS to charge their ATB bar much more quickly.

Also remember to heal your different characters and spam synchronized attacks, as well as transcendence and your Neo Bahamut summons. Once Odin is defeated, you will be able to obtain his summoning material and use it during your fights.