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There are 240 Seeker Tokens to find in the game world of Dragon's Dogma 2. We'll explain to you what the item is all about and what you can use it for.

What are Seeker Tokens? Seeker tokens are called seeker medallions in the German version. These are shiny, round discs. You can find them everywhere in the game world.

It is important to open your eyes wide when exploring. Because some of the medallions are well hidden. In total, there are 240 pieces that you can find.

Find Seeker Tokens

Where to find the Seeker Tokens in Dragon's Dogma 2? If you don't just run blindly through the open world, sooner or later you will come across a medallion. However, finding all 240 of them requires some searching, which can quickly turn into work.

The medallions are often in hard-to-reach places. Approximately near statues. In other cases, they are also hidden in caves full of enemies.

In this video series from the YouTube channel Game Guides Channel, you can see where you can find the tokens. The series currently covers around 100 locations and is constantly being expanded.

Exchange Seeker Tokens

What can you do with the Seeker Tokens? The shiny medallions not only look pretty but also have a very specific purpose.

You can exchange them in a guild hall. In the first large city of Vernworth, you will find such a hall including a guild master. In smaller villages, you can exchange the tokens with the innkeepers in the inn.

Even a single token found brings you a reward. For this, you will receive a travel stone. This allows you to fast travel to one of the rare target crystals.

However, for the other rewards you need more than just a medallion. It's best to hand in the tokens every time you visit the guild hall and gradually unlock further rewards. Here you have an overview:

Exchange Seeker Tokens

To bag all the rewards, you only need 220 of the 240 medallions. But just finding them is a tedious task.