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Flying metallic nuisance Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where to find the sea snail to unlock EVE and the royal hourglass?

 Thanks to the Disney Dreamlight Valley DLC, A Rift in Time, you will be able to meet new characters, like EVE, the little robot who protects the royal hourglass. However, you may not have encountered it yet. Indeed, there is a quest to complete before being able to unlock EVE, and above all a sea snail to find. We'll explain!

Unlock EVE in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Unlock EVE in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In addition to a global release coupled with a free content update, Disney Dreamlight Valley is ending the year with its very first expansion pass: A Rift in Time. This new adventure will allow you to discover the Island of Eternity, a new map where time does its thing, dividing the landscape into 3 distinct biomes that you will have to explore to find out more, and especially to meet new characters. One of the first inhabitants you will meet is none other than EVE, the robot who accompanies WALL-E in his eponymous film. However, there is a specific quest that must be completed before you can unlock it, and this is tied to story progression as part of the DLC. Without further ado, find out how to unlock this quest and bring EVE back to her companion in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

The flying metal nuisance

To unlock EVE, you must first complete the quest The Secrets of Jafar's Isle of Eternity. Once the ancient portal is opened, Jafar will ask you to go in search of the royal hourglass which is guarded by the flying metal nuisance. This is none other than EVE, who is waiting quietly on the other side of the bridge in the very first area. Take advantage of the pickaxe improvement Jafar gave you to remove the copper rocks and go talk to EVE.

She will refuse to give you the royal hourglass, so go back and talk to Jafar, and he will send you to search EVE's ship, which is not far from her. Destroy the debris and you will find a Souvenir that you will have to show to Jafar.

This done, you will have to find the place of memory, which is behind the waterfall just before the bridge leading to EVE. Open the chest at the bottom left and transfer the 2 bags of clothes to your inventory. It is imperative that you transfer both bags at once, otherwise you risk blocking the quest. Even if one of them is grayed out, both are accessible. Once the 2 bags are in your inventory, open them and put on the robot mask and the robot hat, then go talk to EVE.

Unfortunately, this will not be enough, and EVE will give you the recipe for the Best Fish Ever which you will have to learn from your inventory. This done, you will have to prepare it, but before that, you will have to unlock the Goofy stand of the Ancient Port. To do this, pick up the broken half of the stand sign at the displays on the right when you arrive at the port. This will trigger the quest Right in Goofy's Panel.

Take the sign to Goofy, and follow him to his stand to talk to him. He will ask you to help him find the materials needed to rebuild it. You will need:

  • 25 Copper: You can find it by destroying copper rocks and mining on rock outcrops in Ancient Port.
  • 12 pieces of plastic: you can find them by fishing outside the circles at Ancient Port.

With the materials in your pocket, talk to Goofy and interact with the panel in front of the stand to rebuild it. You can then speak to Goofy one last time to complete the quest to open his stand.

Once this is done, you can set about harvesting the necessary ingredients for the Best Fish Ever :

  • 1 robot fish: you can fish at the orange circles of the Ancient Port.
  • 1 cumin: you can pick it up at the Ancient Port, they are white flowers.
  • 1 celery: you can buy celery seeds at the Goofy stand in Ancient Port. Celery takes about 15 minutes to grow.
  • 1 sea snail: you can fish at the blue circles (and occasionally the white circles for the lucky ones) of the Ancient Port.

Once the Best Fish Ever has been prepared, bring it to EVE and you will then have access to the Royal Hourglass.

Pick it up, and go see Jafar at the hologram station near the broken bridge to complete the quest. Congratulations!