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Fortnite mythical weapon, how to get one for the challenges in season 2 of chapter 5?

 Among the challenges that recur regularly in Fortnite, we find one that asks you to use mythical weapons. We tell you how to get them.

As in previous seasons, Epic Games offers challenges every week in Fortnite that allow you to collect rewards like XP for your Chapter 5 Season 2 battle pass.

Among the challenges available with the current season, we find some that ask you to use mythical weapons to make eliminations or to carry out other types of challenges concerning them. Some players wonder how to get one and we will show you different places and different ways offering you the possibility of recovering this type of weapon.

How to get mythical weapons in Fortnite?

If you're looking to complete one of the challenges that requires you to use mythical weapons in Fortnite, well, you'll be able to collect them through different means. It is possible to obtain them by eliminating special NPCs or by purchasing them from certain NPCs.

In season 2 of chapter 5, you can buy Midas's drum submachine gun from the NPC of the same name who is on his yacht, the Marie d'or  which is located to the east of the map against 600 gold bars.

How to get mythical weapons in Fortnite

If you want to avoid spending your ingots, you can also get one by eliminating Zeus in Mount Olympus, Ares in Brawler's Battleground, Cerberus in Grim Gate or Hades in The Underworld. To help you find them, you can consult the map that follows.

How to get mythical weapons in Fortnite

Finally, we remind you that patch 29.10 was released on March 26 and that it allows you to obtain new LEGO skins, but also to benefit from many new features.