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Free Operation Day Zero CoD Warzone Mobile skins and rewards: How to get them?

 Highly anticipated, Warzone Mobile has finally been available for a few hours and for fans of free content, the Operation Day Zero event which has just launched is unmissable. So, we tell you everything you need to know about it in this article.

Free Operation Day Zero CoD Warzone Mobile skins and rewards: How to get them?

Operation Day Zero Warzone Mobile, how does it work?

As we have just told you, Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile has finally been available since yesterday on iOS and Android and Activision clearly does not intend to waste time with a first addition of content barely 24 hours after the release of its title. This addition, as you can imagine, is a launch event.

This event is Operation Day Zero and it offers players the chance to win up to 18 cosmetic rewards, all without having to pay a single cent. To successfully collect these rewards, you will simply have to play games. At the end of these, you will obtain EPs.

Except that the particularity of this Operation Day Zero event on Warzone Mobile is that there will not only be a single-player concept. In fact, 6 of the 18 rewards are linked to progression which will pool the EPs that have been won by all players!

At certain levels, areas of Verdansk will unlock on the event screen, and with each of these areas released, you will be able to get your hands on a reward. Note that this is obviously a limited-time event and that you will have until April 4 to stock up on EPs and rewards.

What rewards for the Warzone Mobile Operation Day Zero event?

Let's start by looking at those that you will be able to unlock solo throughout the duration of the event. The EP that you will obtain during your games will allow you to advance in what we could call a mini battle pass.

The latter contains 12 levels and at each of these, you will obtain a reward. Among those that will attract players the most, we find a knife skin, two skins for the X12 and the M4, and finally a skin for Ghost. We let you discover all the individual rewards below according to the levels:

  1. Business card "Nightmare Rift"
  2. “Scarlet Flame” Emblem
  3. “My arms are falling” sticker
  4. “Forgotten Past” emblem
  5. “Demon’s Claw” knife skin
  6. “Last word” lucky charm
  7. “Infernal Fighter” vehicle skin
  8. “Hellish Nightmare” Decal
  9. X12 Skin "Scarlet Prince"
  10. “Avenging Evil King” Decal
  11. M4 Skin “Raging Fire”
  12. Ghost Skin “Reaper the Ripper”

In addition to these rewards that you will obtain solo, you will also have some in common with other players as we explained to you in the first part of the article. This time it is not 12 levels that await you, but 6 with once again rewards for each:

  1. Vinyl "Golden Evil King"
  2. Business card "Burning debut"
  3. “Golden Flame” emblem
  4. X12 Skin "Golden Flame"
  5. M4 Skin “Unleashed Thunder”
  6. Ghost Skin “Golden Specter”