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Free Rewards & WoW Plunderstorm Renown: How to get them?

 Blizzard took everyone by surprise by announcing the arrival of Plunderstorm Mode, a Battle Royale on World of Warcraft. However, if you want to embark on this adventure, we explain here how Renown works and the associated rewards.

How to earn Renown in Plunderstorm, the BR of World of Warcraft?

Plunderstorm has just arrived on World of Warcraft and offers you a Battle Royale mode with rather dynamic games since it generally takes 15 to 20 minutes for the latter to end, which ensures a certain rhythm.

To play it, you must have an active subscription to the game and you can embark on the adventure solo or as a duo. Once in the game, you will have to find equipment and survive in an area that shrinks as the timer ticks down.

How to earn Renown in Plunderstorm, the BR of World of Warcraft

At the end of each game, you will receive points that will help you progress in a Renown bar and each time you pass a level in the latter, you will be entitled to a reward, and even two on certain levels.

In total, you will have 40 Renown tiers to climb, which is plenty to keep you busy until the end of the game mode if you ever want to acquire all the rewards. Please note that in addition to Renown and the rewards that will interest us in the rest of this article, you will also be able to get your hands on the following 2 achievements:

  • Age of Plunder: Win a game of Plunderstorm
  • Ace of Looting: Collect 1 million units of Looting

How to earn Renown in Plunderstorm, the BR of World of Warcraft

Plunderstorm Renown and Rewards

Now that we know how Renown works in this Plunderstorm mode, it will be time to take a look at the rewards that it will allow you to unlock, each time you pass levels.

For example, you will be able to get your hands on three mounts at levels 10 (Silver Tide Stallion), 20 (Royal Plumocean) and 39 (Polly the Feathered) of Renown, but also on four mascots at levels 6 (Happy), 11 ( Bubulle), 11 (Pinchy) and 30 (Glamrock).

Plunderstorm Renown and Rewards

It is also interesting to note that the rewards that you will unlock can be unlocked in three different modes: Dragonflight, Wrath of the Lich King Classic and Plunderstorm. To help you, we have therefore indicated the first letter of each mode where it is available for each.

  • 1: Deadly Dagger (D + P)
  • 2: Gloves of the mathurin (D) + Moussaillon (P)
  • 3: Surefooted Boots (D)
  • 4: Stitched breeches (D)
  • 5: Calcified Claymore (D + P) + A Keg-Stamped Package (D)
  • 6: Spun Cotton Shirt (D + P) + Happy (D + P)
  • 7: Cloak of Stealth (D)
  • 8: Copper cannon (D + P)
  • 9: Warm wool headdress (D)
  • 10: Silver Tidal Stallion (D) + Swordsman (P)
  • 11: Bubble (D +P) + Pinchy (W)
  • 12: Forger's Fingerless Gloves (D)
  • 13: Blacksteel Saber (D + P)
  • 14: Silent Brogues (D)
  • 15: Hand-woven socks (D)
  • 16: Wonderful Multishot (D and P) + Brown Warning Sign (D)
  • 17: Beautiful crimson doublet (D + P)
  • 18: Bloodstained Iron Cleaver (D + P)
  • 19: Drape faded by time (D)
  • 20: Royal Ocean Plum (D) + Buccaneer (P)
  • 21: Storm Captain's Cap (D)
  • 22: Plunderlord's Golden Seal (D+P)
  • 23: Lootlord's Cuffs (D)
  • 24: Bag of plundered coins (D) + Tiny plumed tricorn (D +P)
  • 25: Plunderlord's Golden Cord (D)
  • 26: Lootlord's Thieves (D)
  • 27: Plunderlord's Neckbreaker (D+P)
  • 28: Plunderlord's Socks (D)
  • 29: Refined Pillagelord's Trousers (D)
  • 30: Glamrok (D + P) + Second (P)
  • 31: Beautiful Plunderlord's Rapier (D + P)
  • 32: Plunderlord's Hand Cannon (D and P)
  • 33: Chest of plundered coins (D)
  • 34: Plunderlord's Vest (D)
  • 35: Plunderlord's Cloak (DF)
  • 36: Plunderlord's Silver Cutlass (D+P)
  • 37: Plunderlord's Tasseled Spaulders (D+P)
  • 38: Lord of Plunder's Admiralty Tricorn (D) + Lord or Lady of Plunder's Monocle (D)
  • 39: Polly the Feathered (D + W)
  • 40: Lord of Plunder (D) + Tabard of Lord or Lady of Plunder (D)