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Frostallion Noct Palworld: How to get it with breeding?

 Do you want to get the chromatic version of Frostallion, namely Frostallion Noct, but you don't know how to encounter it in Palworld? In this article, we explain how to get your hands on it!

Frostallion Noct in Palworld

The guardian deity of Palpagos known as the Night Cry. When calamity struck the earth, he flew into the skies and countered the threat by plunging the island into endless darkness.

Frostallion Noct in Palworld

  • Type : Darkness
  • Partner Skills : Black Pegasus - When mounted, grants Dark-type attacks to the player and empowers Dark-type attacks
  • Working capacity : Collecting lv.4
  • Dropped Items : Pure Quartz and Grand Pal Me
  • Chromatic version of Frostallion

Like its original version, Frostallion Noct is one of the best mounts in Palworld. This Pal has excellent movement speed and satisfying power. It's much worse than Frostallion, but still ranks pretty high among notable combat Pals.

Although Frostallion Noct is fast, we advise you to obtain a Frostallion Noct with the “ Sprinter ” trait. This positive trait increases movement speed by 30%, which will make your exploration sessions much more efficient.

How to get a Frostallion Noct?

Unfortunately, you won't be able to get a Frostallion Noct in the wild, so you'll have to rely on breeding to own it.

There are very few possible associations for having a huge dark egg that contains a Frostallion Noct. And to be completely honest, there is only one match that allows you to obtain this dark pegasus.

This is the Frostallion + Helzephyr combination . Unfortunately, you won't be able to do otherwise: so capture Frostallion in his arena and a Helzephyr in the sky of Palpagos, then get to the stove to prepare a cake. Then, all you have to do is take two Pals of different sexes and install them comfortably in your Ranch so that the magic can happen!

How to get a Helzephyr?

You don't have Helzephyr and you don't know where to find it? Know that Helzephyr is a Flying Pal that you can obtain in two different ways: by capturing it in the wild or by obtaining it through reproduction.

If you've never seen this Pal before, don't hesitate to follow our explanations below to get your hands on it easily!

Capturing Helzephyr in the Wild

Helzephyr is a nocturnal Pal and will therefore only appear after dark. It is located on the wide eastern part of the archipelago, so if you look at the sky from time to time you will be able to see it. Especially since it wears colors that light up at night, so you shouldn't have any difficulties.

Obtaining Helzephyr with breeding

If, however, you are looking for the perfect Helzephyr, you can very well rely on reproduction to obtain it. The best combination that can exist is obviously Helzephyr + Helzephyr, but there are a plethora of possible combinations to create this nocturnal bird. It's up to you to see which one suits you best to create the Helzephyr of your desires!

  • Mossanda Lux + Blazamut
  • Elizabee + Suzaku
  • Mammorest + Suzaku
  • Quivern + Suzaku
  • Shadowbeak + Jormuntide
  • Jetragon + Jormuntide
Now you know everything to get a Frostallion Noct. If you ever wonder how to obtain a Broncherry Aqua or even a Blazehowl Noct , do not hesitate to consult our associated guides: you will know how to have them in your Pal box.