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Frostallion Palworld: Boss, capture, location... How to obtain this Pal?

 Are you looking for Frostallion in Palworld, but you don't know how to approach him to defeat him? Find in this article all the information you need to know about this Pal!

Frostallion in Palworld

The guardian deity of Palpagos known as the Winter Scream. When calamity struck the earth, he took to the skies and countered the threat by plunging the island into endless winter.

Frostallion in Palworld

  • Type : Ice
  • Partner Skills : Ice Pegasus - When mounted, grants the player's attacks the Ice type and strengthens Ice-type attacks
  • Working capacity : Refrigeration level 4
  • Dropped Items : Freezing Organ and Diamond
  • Encounter Level : 50

Frostallion is one of the best mounts on Palworld, as it has excellent movement speed, but above all, exceptional attack power . This Pal is also considered to be the best Ice-type Pal and reigns at the top of the rankings when it comes to combat power. Also, don't hesitate to make Frostallion's saddle to go on an adventure!

Although Frostallion is fast, we advise you to obtain a Frostallion with the “ Sprinter ” trait. This positive trait increases movement speed by 30%, which will make your exploration sessions much faster.

How to beat Frostallion?

Frostallion sits behind the pristine snowfield. He is an Ice type, so the Pals you should choose to eliminate him quickly will need to be Fire type . On the other hand, you will absolutely have to avoid having Dragon-type Pals with you, because Ice is their weak point.

How to beat Frostallion

To succeed in this fight every time, we advise you to have a Jormuntide Ignis, Blazamut, Incineram or even Bushi in your team . Place yourself on the small promontory, in the middle of the arena, and you will be able to avoid a good part of the pegasus' attacks.

  • To strengthen the attacks of your Fire Pals, don't hesitate to include Rooby in your team. Its partner skill allows you to increase the attack of Fire-type Pals!

But before that, you will have to do a little preparation. To properly prepare your Pals for combat, we invite you to increase their power using the Enrichment Capsule, then the Power Statue, but also by giving them food. Feed them with a few dishes that increase defense or attack (depending on your creatures' needs). We think in particular of Kelpsea Fries, Mozzarina Cheeseburger or Eikthyrdeer Ragout.

As far as you are concerned, do not hesitate to use firearms, but especially incendiary grenades. Frostallion won't last long!

How to capture Frostallion?

To capture Frostallion, you will need on the one hand to have a good percentage of capture chances (which you can improve thanks to the statues of Liufmunk that you give to the Statue of Power of your camp), but above all a good amount of legendary Spheres.

To promote capture, try to tamper with Frostallion. An alteration allows you to inflict continuous damage and above all to increase the chances of capture, so if you have a Pal capable of burning Frostallion, don't hesitate to use it in combat!