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Genshin Impact rainbow rose, how to get it?

 In Genshin Impact, it is possible to collect various improvement resources including rainbow roses. We tell you where to find them.

In Genshin Impact , you will be able to obtain many characters or even collect certain resources in order to prepare certain dishes, to create ingredients, to forge certain weapons in the game or to exchange them for rewards during certain missions or events with NPCs Game.

Among all the resources available in the title, you have the possibility of obtaining rainbow roses which are a regional product of Fontaine found in grassy areas. We tell you where to find them easily.

How to collect rainbow roses in Genshin Impact?

If you want to have rainbow roses in Genshin Impact, well, there are not many places since it is only possible to collect them in the Fountain and to be more precise in all areas of the meadow or at least with grass . Here is a map showing you locations, but also a video of the farm route.

How to collect rainbow roses in Genshin Impact

When you go to one of these places, you will notice rainbow roses in the grass which are quite quickly spotted as you can see in the following image. You just have to approach it to harvest it.

If you also wish to have a more precise location for the map visible above, you can go to the HoYoLAB website and click on the regional products of Fontaine to have the location of this resource. Finally, we remind you that you must use rainbow roses to improve Lyney and Arlecchino which will be released with patch 4.6.