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Gonzo Rise of the Ronin: Should we kill him or spare him?

 In Rise of the Ronin, you will have to make many choices, whether in the dialogues or the actions that you will carry out. One of the first that will be imposed on you will be to kill or spare Gonzo. So what should we do? This is what we will see in this article!

Gonzo Rise of the Ronin: Should we kill him or spare him?

Does killing Gonzo have any consequences for the sequel to Rise of the Ronin?

As we have just told you, in Rise of the Ronin, you will have many choices to make throughout your adventure, and unlike some games, they will be important. Indeed, a bad choice and you can block certain quests.

So, obviously, when you come face to face with Gonzo for the first time, you probably wonder what you should do. You will in fact have two choices after having defeated him, that of sparing him or killing him. The first thing to know is that Gonzo is not a major character.

This means that if you have already killed him, don't panic, you won't miss much in the rest of the story. So, is it better to spare it? This is precisely what we will see in the rest of this article by detailing the two outcomes and their consequences.

Kill Gonzo for immediate rewards

The first choice that will interest us is the one where you will kill Gonzo. You can do this directly or extort some of his loot first before deciding to kill him anyway. No matter the choice, the outcome will be the same and you will receive the same rewards.

You will earn his weapon, the Jigen-Ryu fighting style, a title, and a key. The title, it will be interesting to equip if you ever have a build that focuses on strength. Indeed, by choosing it, you will gain a +1 in this characteristic.

As for the key, just continue down the path to arrive at a warehouse. There, loot what is there and the most interesting reward will be found in the big chest at the bottom. There you will indeed find a glider that you can immediately test to fly to Yokohama.

Saving Gonzo on Rise of the Ronin for more rewards

We could then say that killing Gonzo on Rise of the Ronin is the best solution. Except that in reality, not really. Aside from the title, you will gain all the previous rewards and even more, since if you save it you will be able to befriend Gonzo.

Moreover, even if the title is not recoverable, you will still have a +2 in Strength by reaching the maximum level of friendship. It definitely takes longer to do since you have to maintain that friendship and build it up, but the rewards are also better.

In addition, Gonzo will be one of the NPCs with whom you can go on a mission, and his passive will allow you to earn more gold coins from the enemies you defeat. Finally, it will also be possible to have a major secondary mission with the latter.

In summary, as we told you at the start of the article, killing Gonzo is not catastrophic either and if you want to do it, you totally can. However, if you want the most rewards, it's best to save it and become friends.