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Green flames: how to improve the watering can to remove them? Disney Dreamlight Valley

 Your first mission in Disney Dreamlight Valley invites you to find the royal tools of the missing Monarch, that is to say the watering can, the fishing rod, the shovel, and the pickaxe. Each of them will allow you to obtain resources and progress in the story. The watering can will be very useful to you from the start of your game, since it is thanks to it that the seeds you sow will be able to grow and produce vegetables, which in addition to allowing you to complete certain quests, should also bring you some gold coins.

Green flames: how to improve the watering can to remove them?

Although most of your tools will be sufficient on their own for the first few hours of play, there will come a time when elements of the scenery will make certain areas difficult to navigate, and your instruments will be helpless before them. It is from there that you will have to think about improving them, which we will help you do in this guide. Perhaps one of the most annoying road blockers is the Green Flame, which prevents you from coming and going freely in the Forgotten Lands. To be able to remove them, you'll need to upgrade your watering can, but this will require some preparation. We explain to you:

Upgrade your watering can in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Before you can get rid of the green flames of the Forgotten Lands, you will need to complete the story quests Miracles Take Time and What We Leave Behind from Fairy Godmother. Then, you will have to increase your friendship with her to level 2 by talking to her and giving her at least one of her favorite gifts. Once at level 2, all you have to do is talk to him to start the Fire Alarm friendship quest .

Fairy Godmother would like to find a way to extinguish the green flames of the Forgotten Lands, so you must attend her conversation with Merlin about this.

Then, talk to Fairy Godmother, and she will ask you to gather several materials :

  • 3 Tourmalines: You will find tourmalines on rocky outcrops in the Sunny Plateau and Frozen Heights. For more information, consider checking out our guide to Disney Dreamlight Valley gems.
  • 15 snowballs: you can collect snowballs by digging on the Frozen Heights, or simply by breaking the ice spikes with your improved pickaxe.
  • 5 Dream Shards: You should have a few in your possession. If not, you can find more by removing night thorns and digging at the glowing holes. There are also two other ways to obtain them, which you can find in our guide to dream shards.
  • 5 purple impatiens: you will find them on the ground of the Forgotten Lands.
  • 1 empty vial: to make an empty vial, you will need 3 units of glass, which you can make with sand and coal ore. 
Once these items are gathered, craft the Cooling Enchantment from the Potion and Enchanting tab of a crafting station, and use it from your inventory to enchant your Watering Can.

Then, go to the Forgotten Lands to water 5 green fires, and find Fairy Godmother to report to her.

She will then task you with decorating the Forgotten Lands to make them more attractive. You will need to place the following items there:

  • 3 seats
  • 4 exterior lights
  • 25 trails

Once done, speak to Fairy Godmother and follow her to the mysterious plant that appeared in the Forgotten Lands to end the quest. Congratulations, you can now get rid of all the bones that stand in your way, and stock up on glass at the same time!