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Helldivers 2 armor: Which one to choose for the best gaming experience?

 In addition to offering a substantial arsenal, Helldivers 2 also allows the player to choose between several different armors. While they of course allow you to personalize your character, they also have their own statistics. We offer you a selection of the best armor in the game.

How to unlock armor?

In Helldivers II , you will have a lot of things to unlock. For example, you will be able to unlock new weapons , grenades and passive bonuses in the Battle Pass and the Battle Pass Premium, but also new strategies by increasing levels and spending Requisition tickets in the associated menu on your ship. In addition to all that, you can also personalize your character by changing his armor , his helmet and his cape.

How to unlock armor

These three items are available in both the classic Battle Pass and its Premium version . In other words, to unlock new armor, the easiest way is to spend medals and advance in the Battle Pass. Note, however, that there are also exclusive armors that can only be collected by spending super credits (the game's paid currency) via the pop-up store . The latter generally offers two armors and two associated helmets and is renewed every two days. Please note that while you will of course be able to pay with real money to unlock your favorites, you will also be able to find super credits in-game and in the normal Battle Pass.

What armor to choose in Helldivers 2?

In addition to allowing you to customize the appearance of your soldier, armor in Helldivers II has its own statistics and passive bonuses that can make a difference once on the field . Please note, we are talking here about the armor itself and not the helmets and capes which have no other function than to change the appearance of your character. Armor in Helldivers II generally falls into three categories:

  • Light armor
  • Intermediate armor
  • Heavy armor
What armor to choose in Helldivers 2

As is often the case in this type of game, light armor favors freedom of movement (walking speed and stamina regeneration) at the cost of minimal protection, while heavy armor does the exact opposite . Intermediate armor, on the other hand, offers a balanced experience between these three statistics and is suitable for all situations. So usually we would tell you that there is no best solution and that you should choose based on your own strengths and weaknesses as a player. However, at the time of writing, the Armor Protection Effectiveness stat is not working properly and all armor protects the same . In fact, we strongly advise you to equip light armor until this problem is resolved to benefit from better running speed and better stamina regeneration without having to sacrifice your defenses.

In addition to the statistics offered by the different armor types, each of them also offers a passive effect that is not linked to the armor category. Please note, the description of these is not always complete in the French version, so we advise you to play the game in English to have all the information on each armor. Currently, Helldivers II armor offers the following passive bonuses:

  • Improved Protection (Fortified): Reduces crouching or prone recoil by 30% and increases explosion resistances by 50%
  • Mechanical Assistance (Servo-Assisted): Increases throw range by 30% and defense against limb damage by 50%
  • Scout: Adds a radar that detects enemies around markers placed on the map and reduces enemy detection range by 30%
  • Engineering Kit: Reduces crouching or prone recoil by 30% and allows you to carry 2 additional grenades
  • Democracy Protects: Adds a 50% chance of not dying when taking a fatal blow and prevents any bleeding damage in the event of bleeding to the torso
  • Med-Kit: Allows you to carry 2 additional stims and increases the duration of stim effects by 2 seconds
Depending on your playing style, you will definitely find what you are looking for among these passive effects. For your information, we strongly advise you to let at least one member of your squad equip armor with the Scout effect, especially at high levels. Indeed, you will be able to detect enemy patrols by placing map markers everywhere on your path and thus avoid them so as not to attract too many opponents at once. If you tend to use Orbital Strikes and Eagle Strikes a lot, the Mechanical Assist effect can help you throw the targeting system from further away. The Democratic Ward and Medkit can be very useful if you tend to die a little too often, and the Engineer's Kit makes it easier to close nests and destroy factories. Finally, if you're more the type to crouch or lie in a corner and eliminate your opponents from afar with a Sniper Rifle or a Machine Gun, don't underestimate the importance of Improved Protection.