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Helldivers 2: Best Loadout – The strongest setup to survive as a solo player


Helldivers 2: Best Loadout – The strongest setup to survive as a solo player

Helldivers 2 has an impressive selection of weapons and equipment. But what is the best loadout that you can use to survive solo?

In Helldivers 2 you can put together your own loadout from various weapons and tactical equipment. You have the opportunity to make strategic decisions and discuss with your fellow players what else you need.

Alternatively, you can also choose equipment that allows you to compete solo against a wide variety of opponents on high difficulty levels. We therefore want to show you the best build for solo players.

The selection of weapons and tactical equipment is a personal choice of the author. Do you prefer a different loadout? Feel free to write it in the comments and discuss with the community.

Helldivers 2: The best loadout for solo players

The loadout of the solo build combines tactical equipment that strengthens you defensively with the greatest possible firepower. You should choose the following equipment:

Primary weapon: LAS-16 Sickle

  • The “LAS-16 Sickle” is an assault rifle that fires short laser beams
  • The rate of fire (750) is one of the highest in the game and is well suited to fending off smaller enemies even in large numbers
  • Reloading is not necessary. However, if you overheat the weapon, you will have to install a new heat sink. This is the same as reloading.
  • If you don't overheat the weapon, you have infinite ammunition
  • The LAS-16 Sickle has a sight with 3 different zoom levels, which means you can shoot enemies precisely in the face even from greater distances.

Secondary weapon: P-19 Redeemer (pistol)

  • Has a fully automatic fire mode and high rate of fire (significant upgrade to the P-2 Peacemaker)
  • Since the Redeemer is fully automatic and fires with a high rate of fire, it is good when you are out of ammo, switch to your secondary weapon and need to quickly eliminate a few adds
  • Reloads quickly, so you won't suddenly find yourself without ammunition in tricky situations
  • Can also be played semi-automatically if you want to save ammunition
  • The Redeemer wins the direct comparison against the P-4 Senator (Revolver), as it is only available through the premium war bond “Steeled Veterans”

Grenade: G16 impact

  • This is a grenade that explodes on contact, so you don't have to time it well when throwing it, you can just throw it at a bug or robot's face.
  • You can also close nests with the G16 impact, but you have to be a little more careful when throwing it than with the normal fragmentation grenade

Backpack: Shield Generator Backpack – Unlockable from level 20

The Shield Generator Backpack has also been nerfed and the shield now takes longer to reactivate, but the backpack still offers a lot of advantages:

  • Protect yourself not only from the robots' projectiles, but also from all melee attacks
  • In addition, you can no longer be knocked over by attackers or other enemies with the shield
  • Likewise, you will no longer be slowed down by the Terminoids’ acid or other effects while running

Support weapon: Railgun – Unlockable from level 20

The Railgun has lost a lot of its power since the nerf, but if you use it in unsafe mode and charge your shots to at least 90% (about 3 seconds), it is still a very effective weapon against armored enemies. Unsafe fire mode deals even more damage, but can also kill you with an explosion if you aren't careful.

  • The railgun breaks through any armor
  • Can destroy the armor on a striker's legs and eliminate him with multiple shots to the face
  • Can even eliminate an Acid Titan with enough shots to the face
  • Has no cooldown and can be replenished with ammunition
  • Can also be used over longer distances
  • Team kills are almost impossible with the Railgun because you shoot precisely
  • Can be switched to an overloaded fire mode that deals even more damage, but can kill you with an explosion if you're not careful

Orbital Cannon : Orbital Rail Cannon Strike (Level 20)

  • The Orbital Rail Cannon Strike is an automatically targeted, very powerful attack that shoots the largest target in the area and can be used indefinitely.
  • Particularly useful if you need to quickly get rid of a large enemy like a Hulk or a Striker while solo. Can even kill Acid Titans or at least cause them a lot of damage.

Eagle: Eagle – Air Strike

  • Although the air strike does not have a strong penetrating power, it covers a solid radius with its hits and can eliminate small hordes of enemies
  • The air strike can be used multiple times per round, has a short request time and a comparatively short cooldown, which can be further reduced by ship modules
  • You can close nests with the air strike

Alternatives for the best loadout

Primary Weapon Alternative 1: SG-225 Breaker (Shotgun)

  • The Breaker was once by far the best primary weapon in the game, but has suffered a nerf. It has a high, fully automatic fire rate, good damage, and despite the spread, an acceptable range (for a shotgun).
  • If you're being overrun by hordes of enemies while solo, the Breaker is ideal for quickly thinning out the crowds and giving yourself some breathing room.

Primary Weapon Alternative 2: PLAS-1 Brazier

Even though the stats of the PLAS-1 are not promising, especially since it has a rather small magazine, it is a good alternative, especially against the robots.

  • The “PLAS-1 Schmorer” is an energy-based weapon that fires a projectile containing heated gas that explodes on impact.
  • When the PLAS-1's gas projectiles explode on hit, the explosion also deals damage - even to nearby enemies
  • The PLAS-1 can be used over longer distances without any problems, even if the sight does not have higher zoom levels
  • With the explosion of the gas projectiles you can eliminate scouts and even destroy the robots' tanks , as the explosions damage the tank's weak points.
  • Disadvantage: If you use the PLAS-1 at close range, you will kill yourself with the explosion of the gas projectiles.

Secondary Weapon Alternative 1: P-4 Senator (Revolver)

  • The P-4 Senator is a revolver and therefore has very few rounds in its chamber. However, you can reload the cartridges individually and don't throw away half the magazine when your shooter reflexes trigger the reload animation again.

Granate Alternative 1: G-6 Splitter

  • A classic fragmentation grenade that can kill smaller enemies and destroy nests with its explosion

Grenade Alternative 2: G-23 Stun

  • The “G-23 Stun” is a stun grenade that can temporarily stun and immobilize enemies
  • The stun grenade stuns even large, armored enemies such as strikers and acid titans, making it ideal for combining with other tactical equipment
  • Cannot destroy nests, so you must carry either other grenades or equipment such as the Eagle Airstrike, Grenade Launcher or Automatic Cannon.

Rucksack Alternative 1: „Guard Dog“-Rover

  • The Guard Dog rover is a flying, unmanned drone that attacks enemies close to you and can even take them out quite effectively
  • If you can't unlock the Shield Generator Backpack yet, the Guard Dog Rover is a good alternative for now.
  • Especially good if you are being attacked by a lot of adds. It also allows you to focus on the big enemies while the rover takes care of the small ones.

Support Weapon Alternative 1: ARC-3 Bow Launcher

  • The ARC-3 bow launcher shoots lightning bolts that can jump to other enemies.
  • The bow thrower's lightning bolts eliminate small enemies with a single hit.
  • Multiple hits with the lightning can also take out heavily armored enemies such as Strikers or Acid Titans.
  • The ARC-3 Bow Launcher has no magazine and can fire infinitely, giving it an advantage over other support weapons like the Railgun or Flamethrower.
  • Disadvantage: You need to get a bit of practice with bow throwing to use it effectively and not accidentally fry friendly Helldivers with your own lightning.

Support Weapon Alternative 2: Disposable Anti-Tank

  • The one-time anti-tank weapon can – as the name suggests – only be used once.
  • Has a very short cooldown and can therefore be requested frequently.
  • If you request the one-time anti-tank weapon, it will be delivered twice.
  • The one-shot anti-tank is really strong against any type of armor and can even take out larger enemies like strikers with a precise hit to the head.
Why don't we recommend the automatic cannon? You can't carry a backpack with the automatic cannon because the slot is already taken up by the support backpack that comes with it and is needed for reloading. This severely limits your choice of equipment.

Nevertheless, the automatic cannon has some strengths and can be carried safely in a fixed squad. It can even break through light armor over long distances and destroy nests and factories with ease.

Orbitalkanone Alternative 1: Orbital-Laser (Level 15):

  • The orbital laser is one of the strongest orbital attacks and fries all enemies within its radius. Both small raiders and the armored attackers take a lot of damage. However, the laser can only be used 3 times.