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In Helldivers 2 there are ship modules that give you strong advantages in the fight against Terminids and Automatons. We'll show you which ones you should upgrade first and why you should do so.

What are ship modules? In Helldivers 2 you have the option of purchasing new tactical equipment and ship modules in “Ship Management” in your super-destroyer.

While tactical equipment can be actively used in combat, ship modules are more like upgrades. For example, they shorten the cooldown of your orbital strikes or increase the magazines supplied with your equipment.

There are a total of 18 ship modules, but it's not easy to choose the best ones to start with. We'll show you which ones you should buy first.

Helldivers 2: The best ship modules to start with

Which modules should I buy first? There are a total of 6 categories, each with 3 sub-items, which only reveal their advantages when you purchase them. You should buy the following first:

  • Patriotic Administrative Center
    • License to Use Donations
    • Simplified application process
    • Handcart
      • Reason: These upgrades reduce the cooldowns of all support weapons and backpacks by 10%. You will also receive more ammunition for your summoned weapons.

  • hangar
    • Cockpit with breathing fluid
    • Hazard pay for utility teams
    • Expanded weapons depot
      • Reason: The Eagle is a powerful unit in the fight against the Automatons and Terminids. These upgrades reduce cooldowns and the time it takes for the Eagle to refill. In addition, your number of possible bets increases.
  • Orbital cannons
    • Exploding shrapnel
    • More weapons
    • Weightless breech loaders
      • Reason: With these upgrades, all of your orbital strikes are strengthened and the cooldown time is shortened. A practical thing, as the orbital strikes can unleash powerful attacks on your opponents.

Please note that you are not free to choose which one you want to upgrade first. If you acquire a point in a category, you can first buy the next level to get to the last level of the module.

How do I buy ship modules? The modules for your ship can only be purchased with samples. In each mission you can collect up to three types of samples, depending on the level of difficulty:

  • Common (green)
  • Rare (orange)
  • Super rare (pink)
Depending on the color, the rarity of the samples and their frequency in an operation differ. For each level of a module purchased, the price of the next level increases. It is therefore important to collect as many samples as possible during operations.

It is also important that the level of difficulty is crucial for finding the samples. If you want to collect all samples, you must have at least level 7 “Suicidal” activated for your operations.

What about the remaining ship modules? You can buy the remaining ship modules as you wish. The only options available are upgrades for guns, the ping system and your Hellpod. These are not that important and can be ignored for now. However, if you like playing with guns, you can prioritize the technician station and the robotics workshop as the first upgrades.

Which ship modules did you buy first to help your Helldiver? Let us know in the comments!