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Helldivers 2: Can it be played alone and offline?

 If you are wondering if it is possible to play Helldivers 2 completely alone, or without needing to connect to the internet, we explain it in detail right here to clarify these doubts.

Helldivers 2: Can it be played alone and offline?

Helldivers 2 is the new cooperative multiplayer from Arrowhead that is going strong and invites its community of players to collaborate together to advance in a huge galactic war against aliens. The grace and essence of this title is based, in large part, on its collaborative aspect , but you may wonder if it is possible to enjoy it alone or even without an internet connection . In this entry of our guide we are going to answer these questions so that everything is clear to you.

Is it possible to play alone without forming teams?

If you want to play Helldivers 2 alone , you should know that this is totally possible , although we tell you that the game is not designed for this and it is very likely that you will end up getting frustrated. This is because, as we say, the experience of this game is very focused on cooperative multiplayer , on teaming up with three other players and collaborating with them to complete missions. In fact, there is no mode designed to play alone nor a story campaign , but rather missions focused on multiplayer and its global community.

However, if you wish you can play alone, but this entails a high difficulty even in the lowest difficulty missions. The "easy" missions will quickly become very difficult solo missions, sometimes becoming ridiculously difficult. It is not impossible to play alone, but you will have to be very good to advance.

In case you want to play Helldivers 2 alone, we recommend following these steps :

  • Before opening the galactic map and selecting a mission, open the game's main menu.
  • Now go to the "Options" tab.
  • Enter the "Gameplay" section (the first by default).
  • Under the “Matching Privacy” option, make sure to select “Friends Only. ”
  • Apply the changes before exiting the menu.

By making this change to your options, you will ensure that your game session is "private" and no unwanted players can join your game. Friends can still join your games, or you can invite them yourself, but from now on when you open the galactic map you will be able to access solo missions.

Can you play alone offline?

In case you're wondering, Helldivers 2 is a game that requires a permanent online internet connection .

  • There are no game modes designed to be played completely offline.
Every time you want to enter a mission you will have to be properly connected to the internet and the game servers. Even if you want to play solo , as we explained above, you will still have to be connected to the internet to do so. Keep that in mind.