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Helldivers 2 Charger: How to eliminate this big monster?

 In Helldivers 2, you will inevitably have to face hordes of enemies. Among the different types of opponents that you will face, Chargers may well be among the most complex to eliminate. We'll explain how to do it.

Where are the Chargers in Helldivers 2?

A real cooperative surprise at the start of the year, Helldivers II invites you to go on missions to various planets to face hordes of enemies in order to extend the glory of Super-Earth and spread the values ​​of democracy and freedom. With each operation launched, you will therefore have to face numerous adversaries who will take the form of disgusting insects (the Terminides) or killer robots (the Automatons). Within these two factions, you will find several different types of opponents ranging from simple infantrymen who are easy to kill to huge bosses who may give you a hard time. Among the most complex opponents to take down are the Chargers.

Where are the Chargers in Helldivers 2

To cross paths with a Charger, you will necessarily have to fight on a planet occupied by the Terminides. With its appearance as a huge beast with particularly thick armor, this creature seems simply immortal and never stops charging at you, which could eliminate you in a single hit if you are not careful. At the beginning of the game, in the very first difficulties, you will generally only find them in very specific nests as a main objective . In intermediate difficulties, you will start to come across them much more regularly, whether in the patrols that cross the map or in the famous breaches created when you are spotted. On the highest difficulties, the Charger almost becomes a common enemy as it is present absolutely everywhere .

How to eliminate a Charger in Helldivers 2?

The first time you encounter a Charger in Helldivers II, you may well have the impression that this creature is simply immortal . It must be said that its armor is so thick that most of the weapons in the game will do nothing to it at all, or even turn against you if you are unlucky and the shot ricochets in your direction or that of an ally . The most observant, however, will have noticed that its armor does not cover its entire body.

To eliminate a Charger regardless of your equipment, the most reliable technique is simply to throw yourself to the side during the beast's charge, just before it hits you . This way, you will be able to easily access its tail and will only have to bombard it with shots to inflict damage. Repeat the operation several times to get the hang of it. Note that if you force him to run into a wall, the Charger will be stunned for a few seconds, which should make your counterattack easier.

Unfortunately, while this method is very reliable, it is not always easily executable . Firstly, the Charger is rarely alone and his allies will not let you wander around quietly. But even worse, as you go up in difficulty, you will quite often have to face several Chargers at once. In these kinds of cases that are a little too tense, you will have no choice but to use slightly more radical means to deal with the Chargers. We then advise you to play mainly with explosives like grenades (the creature's belly is not armored), orbital cannons , Eagle interventions, or even some support weapon stratagems . Among them, we recommend the EAT-17 Anti-tank charge , the GR-8 Recoilless rifle or the RS-422 Electromagnetic rifle . These weapons actually pierce armor very well, which will then allow you to fire with less powerful weapons at the places you have exposed. Still in the support weapons, also know that the AC-8 Autocannon is also devastating against Chargers provided you target its weak points. Indeed, even if the weapon is very powerful, it is not enough to pierce armor as heavy as that of the Charger.

Beyond any tips regarding equipment, we of course advise you to do everything to isolate the Chargers before attacking them . In fact, once you understand that he's charging in a straight line at you, you can start avoiding them quite easily. The other Terminides will then be much more annoying in your fight against the Charger, since they will prevent you from taking the time to position yourself well to eliminate it. As soon as possible, we therefore advise you to eliminate the smaller ones using stratagems or explosives before tackling the larger ones . And if you have to deal with several Chargers, a few Rangers, a Commander and a Corrosive Titan at the same time... Run away.