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Helldivers 2: How to switch to first-person aiming?

 You may not know that in Helldivers 2 you can aim your weapons from a first-person camera, without having to do it from the shoulder. We explain how to switch to this camera easily.

Helldivers 2, unlike its first installment, is a game that has changed its perspective. In this sequel we play directly with a third-person camera, but what many players may not know is that it is actually also possible to play from a first-person point of view. As?

The developers have also designed a first-person weapon aiming mode, from which we can shoot with greater precision than if we did it from the shoulder or hip. If you want to know how you can use it very easily, keep reading this entry in our guide.

How to switch the camera in third and first person?

If you want to toggle the camera view in Helldivers 2, to change it from third person to first person very easily, just do the following while you are playing a mission (depending on your controller):

  • With keyboard and mouse: while aiming your weapon, press the central mouse wheel.
  • With controller: While aiming your weapon, press the right stick in (R3).
How to switch the camera in third and first person

By doing what we have indicated, the camera will change from third person to a first person point of view , to see through the sights of your current weapon.

You should note that the first-person camera is only allowed in the game while aiming a gun. Outside of aim you will always continue playing in third person. However, this alternative to using certain weapons is interesting if you want to gain precision. For example, using long-range weapons is a very useful feature.

Set aiming mode in options

An interesting detail that we don't want to forget here has to do with configuring your game options so that it remembers the aiming mode you prefer to use with your weapons. This way, if you want, you won't have to switch from third to first person every time when aiming, saving you time in the process.

If you want to configure this section, follow these steps :

  • Open the main menu of the game and go to "Options" .
  • In the "Gameplay" tab, look for the "Remember aiming mode" section .
  • You can set it to "Off", "Global" and "By weapon" .

We recommend that if you like first-person aiming, you configure it "By weapon", since this way each weapon will remember the aiming mode you prefer with it and the last one you used in all of them will not be saved, since some They are more comfortable to use from the third person, like shotguns or pistols.

That's all you need to know about the two aiming modes and the third- and first-person cameras. Now you know how to easily switch between the two.