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Helldivers 2 Hunters: Where to find the Hunters to complete today's objective?

 In Helldivers 2, you can accomplish a different objective every day to earn around fifteen medals. Sometimes you will have to eliminate a particular opponent to do this. Unfortunately, their names are not always self-explanatory. We explain to you where to find the Hunters to accomplish the day's objective.

How and why do the daily objectives in Helldivers 2?

While playing Helldivers II , you will quickly notice that you will need a certain number of medals to advance in the Battle Pass or the Battle Pass Premium and thus unlock new weapons, armor and cosmetic items. If you will obviously recover some at the end of each mission and you can even find some by searching remarkable sites during your operations, there is also a way to add around fifteen to your inventory on a daily basis.

Indeed, every day, you will be able to accomplish a particular objective whose title changes each time . By doing so, you will generally earn around fifteen medals , which corresponds to completing several mid-level missions or one high-level mission. A significant bonus that will allow you to advance more easily in your Battle Pass, especially when the rewards start to cost around thirty medals or more. To find out what to do to accomplish this objective, simply pause the game during a mission or open the corresponding menu (bottom right of your screen) on the bridge of your ship . If the objectives based on “Kill X enemies with X weapon” or “Kill To help you, we invite you to discover the complete bestiary of Helldivers II in which you can associate each name (in VF and VO) with an image of the creature.

Where to find Hunters in Helldivers 2?

Among the different objectives that we have seen in the daily challenges since the game's release, players have been asked to eliminate a certain number of Hunters . Also called Hunters in the original version, these adversaries are part of the Terminid army . To meet them, you will therefore necessarily have to fight on the planets occupied by this faction, represented in orange on your galaxy map.

Where to find Hunters in Helldivers 2

Once you're in the game, you shouldn't have too much trouble encountering them. Indeed, these enemies are relatively common and are easily recognizable thanks to their white skin and the fact that they can jump at you from a great distance . They generally move in packs and can appear both in patrols , around notable sites or near primary and secondary objectives . To find them easily, head to the Terminid nests (marked in red on your map) or let your opponents call for reinforcements . If you really never come across one, don't hesitate to increase the difficulty to play at least on difficulty 4 . To eliminate them, choose weapons that can cover a large area such as machine guns, shotguns or flamethrowers. They have no shielding and shouldn't cause you too many problems.