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 In Helldivers 2 there is a secret mechanic that makes it difficult for you to conquer planets. You can find out what you need to know about the supply lines and what the map looks like in our overview here.

What are Supply Lines? In Helldivers 2 there is a complex system that is invisible to all players: the supply lines. However, the supply chains or supply lines are the key to the success of the Helldivers, because whoever controls them has a strategic advantage over enemy factions.

Supply chains are invisible lines superimposed across each sector. These lines connect to the individual planets in the sector and ensure that democratic planets can be conquered more quickly by the enemies of the over-Earth. However, there is a way you can exploit the system to your advantage.

Supply lines on the map – This is how you cut off your enemies

How do you use supply lines to your advantage? To take advantage of the supply lines, you first need to know which planets and sectors are connected to each other. We have provided you with a graphic created by This is what the supply lines look like:

Supply lines on the map – This is how you cut off your enemies

Now that you know which planets are connected to each other, it's time to cut off the enemies. The most important thing here is to take into account the connections of the individual planets. When conducting a liberation campaign on a planet, you need to know which planet your target location is connected to.

If you cut off the supply line with a liberation, your enemies will have a harder time re-conquering a planet that has already been taken. This means the Helldivers can celebrate their victory for longer and you still have enough time to conquer further targets that the enemy has captured.

But if you don't take a targeted approach and just rush towards a conquest without cutting through the lines, your victory could only be temporary. So keep an eye on the supply lines and act strategically.

It is also important that you should avoid defensive campaigns. Planets occupied by the enemy can be captured much more quickly than planets that need to be defended.