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Helldivers 2 Tien Kwan: ​​How to defend the planet Tien Kwan?

Helldivers 2 offers you a wide range of missions, one of which asks you to free Tien Kwan. We'll show you how to do it!

Helldivers 2  is the game of the moment, developed by Arrowhead Game Studios, which builds on the foundations laid by its predecessor, offering players a thrilling journey through chaotic battles in a procedurally generated universe. The game offers increasingly difficult missions to players, especially with the nerf to the Railgun.

Among these missions, one of them asks you to defend the planet Tien Kwan in order to free it from the Automatons. There will be a separate reward for completing this task in Helldivers 2, however, you and your squad have very little time to free Tien Kwan. In this guide, We'll show you how to free the planet Tien Kwan!

How to free the planet Tien Kwan in Helldivers 2?

To free Tien Kwan in Helldivers 2, the community must pitch in to fend off bots and defend mech manufacturing factories. You will have to carry out missions that you find onsite. You can complete any mission difficulty on Tien Kwan to bolster the sector's defense, but major orders to liberate the planet end on March 10.

If you want to maximize your contribution, make sure to complete the most difficult missions with multiple players. You can provide additional support to the liberation of Tien Kwan by completing the most difficult missions . However, you can fall from a height, because the difficulty of the missions has become much more complicated with the recent nerfs.

How to free the planet Tien Kwan in Helldivers 2

Of course, all missions deserve rewards. Indeed, each player who helps free Tien Kwan should receive 50 Warbond Medals by the end of the Major Order. However, the community will need to achieve 100% control of Super Earth in order to collect the rewards.

These medals will be very useful for you to unlock new weapons in the Warbond Battle Pass. Now that you have all the information, set off alone with your squad to free Tien Kwan!

How to get the Warbond Battle Pass in Helldivers 2?

The first step to acquiring the Warbond Battle Pass is to go to the  Acquisitions menu. You will then have the option to purchase the Warbond Battle Pass directly on the interface. The latter will allow you to visualize the hundreds of rewards that await you.

Each page promises new armor, weapon skins, and customization options, adding depth and customization to your Helldivers 2 experience.  And thanks to the Warbond Battle Pass, you'll express your creativity through the tons of rewards you go get.