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Helldivers 2 Watchdog: Which Cerberus to choose and how to unlock them?

 If you're used to playing with strangers in Helldivers 2, you may have seen a few players equipped with a drone called Cerberus, or Guard Dog in original language. Also nicknamed Watch Dog by French players, this drone is available in two different versions. Which one to choose and how to unlock them?

How to unlock Cerberus (Guard Dog) in Helldivers 2?

If there's one thing you quickly notice in Helldivers II , it's the extent of its arsenal. In addition to offering a good number of different weapons, the game from Arrowhead Games Studios also allows you to equip yourself with different stratagems that you can launch in the middle of the game to turn the situation around. Among them, there are a few stratagems that you can equip to improve your firepower a little more permanently. For example, it is possible to drop very good weapons exclusive to this method such as the EAT-17 Anti-tank charge, the AC-8 Automatic cannon or the RS-422 Electromagnetic rifle. But in addition to being able to recover these famous support weapons, certain stratagems also offer you the opportunity to equip yourself with a backpack which could well be useful to you in combat.

How to unlock Cerberus (Guard Dog) in Helldivers 2

Among the different backpacks in Helldivers II, there are two that stand out for their effectiveness in combat: the famous Cerberus, or Guard Dog in the original version. Available in two different versions, these are in fact combat drones that automatically shoot at all enemies around you. Whether you go alone or in a squad on your missions, equipping such a backpack will allow you to drastically improve your firepower, which could well make the difference on the ground. To unlock them, you will have to go through the stratagems menu as for all the others (the latter is accessible using the screens on the left side of your ship). However, you will need to use a few thousand Requisition Tickets and reach a certain level before you can unlock them.

Which Cerberus (Guard Dog) to choose in Helldivers 2?

As we told you previously, there are two different versions of Cerberus in Helldivers II. The first (soberly titled Cerberus ) uses a Liberator-type assault rifle to fight while the second (called Astro-Cerberus ) fires with a continuous laser . While generally speaking, firearms are more effective than laser weapons in Helldivers II, we strongly advise you to invest in the Astro-Cerberus rather than its initial version.

Indeed, the classic Cerberus uses a lot of ammunition and must very regularly return to your backpack to reload . In addition to making it useful much less often, this will also have the effect of drastically reducing your ammo count and making you very dependent on supply drops. The Astro-Cerberus, on the other hand, does not use ammo and will only return to your backpack very rarely . His shots are certainly a little less effective than those of the classic version, but he is so much more present that he is by far the better of the two Cerberus . Be careful though, it is much easier to do friendly fire with the Astro-Cerberus, make sure you position yourself well and warn your allies.

A little additional advice, the two Cerberus are very useful in low and intermediate difficulties, but become too handicapping at high level . Indeed, they tend to shoot at absolutely anything and everything while you will often want to be more discreet. We therefore advise you to change your backpack from difficulty 7.