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Helzephyr Palworld: Capture, Reproduction... How to obtain this Pal?

 Are you looking for a Helzephyr in Palworld, but you don't know where to look on the world map to find it, or how to get it in an egg? Find in this article all the information you need to know about this Pal!

Helzephyr in Palworld

Bring down the lightning of hell. A Helzephyr burn death will send your soul straight into the abyss.

Helzephyr in Palworld

  • Type: Darkness
  • Partner Skills : Wings of the Underworld - Grants the player's attacks the Dark type while mounted
  • Work capacity : Transport lv.3
  • Dropped Items : Venom Gland and Soul of Medium Pal
  • Encounter Level : ~25

To improve Helzephyr's partner skill, you will need to create an Enrichment Capsule for Pal. To successfully enrich, you will need 5 Helzephyr: 1 main Helzephyr and 4 other Helzephyr which will be “eaten” by the main Helzephyr. By performing this upgrade, the partner skill “Wings of Hell” will be able to increase to level 2. To continue upgrading Helzephyr, you will need 13 more Helzephyr.

Enriching or improving the statistics of your Pal (from the power statue) does not modify the work capacity, it is used exclusively for the skill that you activate manually by having the Pal at your side.

Helzephyr is a Pal that can be mounted as a flying mount. You will therefore have to make his saddle to ride him. You can unlock it at level 33 of your Technology tree.

To benefit from better movement speed, Helzephyr must have the “Courser” trait. This positive trait increases movement speed by 20%.

How to get a Helzephyr through reproduction?

Although it is relatively simple to obtain Helzephyr in the world of Palworld, you can very well seek out a better version of himself by obtaining him through breeding. Two associations of Pals are available to you, but the latter may not please you, insofar as it involves complicated creatures to obtain. See instead:

  • Shadowbeak and Jormuntide
  • Jetragon and Jormuntide

However, it is quite possible that you can obtain this Pal by combining two Dark-type Pals, but we are not sure that the combination will bear fruit. This is why we advise you to encounter it in the wild!

How to capture Helzephyr in the wild?

Helzephyr is a nocturnal Pal and will therefore only appear after nightfall. It lies on the broad eastern part of the archipelago, so if you look at the sky from time to time you will be able to see it. Especially since it wears colors that light up at night, so you shouldn't have any difficulty seeing it.

To weaken it as much as possible, you will need to use Dragon-type Pals and avoid Non-elemental-type Pals . So that your character's attacks can benefit from the Dragon type, you can mount Chillet or Quivern to take advantage of their partner skill bonus.

Once it is well weakened, you will need to use Teras Spheres to have a better chance of obtaining it. Lower spheres will have a lower percentage chance of capture or even have no effect on him.