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How to enter the Gerudo Secret Club in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

 We show you how you can easily access the select Gerudo Secret Club in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and we also show you the items sold inside.

The Gerudo Secret Club is one of the many shops available in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but as was the case in Breath of the Wild, access to this Gerudo Citadel establishment is quite special compared to the rest. of in-game stores. As its name already suggests, we are not facing a normal and ordinary store...

Surely you end up hearing rumors about this store and want to know how to enter it or find out what is sold inside. For that, we have prepared this entry in our complete guide in which we will then tell you the steps to follow to be able to enter the Gerudo Secret Club easily.

How to enter the Gerudo Secret Club?

To be able to enter the Gerudo Secret Club in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the first thing you have to do is go to the Gerudo Desert region and the Gerudo Citadel since this store is located in said city. You can find it at the following location on the map:

How to enter the Gerudo Secret Club

Unlike Breath of the Wild, in this game, you will not have to find a way to access the citadel since it is besieged by monsters and a strong sandstorm. On the other hand, it is not necessary to become a member of the Gerudo Secret Club, but you do have to find a way to enter the store since the street door is blocked.

Actually, the solution is simple, you just have to follow these steps :

  • From the main entrance of the Gerudo Citadel look to the street on your left.
  • Here, next to a clothing stall, you will see a hole through which a stream of waterfalls.
  • The hole is the one in the following image (coordinates -3794, -2903, 0043):
How to enter the Gerudo Secret Club

  • Drop down through this hole to access the tunnels under the Citadel.
  • In these tunnels, you will immediately see a stone blockade on the left.
  • Break these stones and move along the path; You will find more stone blockages that you have to destroy.
  • A little further on you will find some kind of pillars and here you will have to use Infiltration on the ceiling that we indicated:
How to enter the Gerudo Secret Club

  • If you use Infiltration at this point (coordinates -3791, -2919, 0032) you will come out directly on the other side inside the Secret Gerudo Club.

This is the way to access the Gerudo Secret Club. As you see, you have to enter below the ground. Once inside you can go to the main entrance door and remove a wooden box that was blocking the entrance. So from then on you will be able to access it comfortably from the street without major problems whenever you want.

Now you know how to enter this very special store in the Gerudo Citadel.

What is sold at the Gerudo Secret Club?

In the Gerudo Secret Club you can buy shiok clothing, that is, special men's armor that is used for Link and that has been made by the Gerudo. The clothing sold at the Gerudo Secret Club is unique and you will not be able to buy it at any other establishment in Hyrule.

Within the Gerudo Secret Club, you can purchase the following armor parts :

  • Desert Shoulder Pad: in exchange for 1,300 rupees.
  • Desert Greaves: in exchange for 650 rupees.
  • Desert Boots: in exchange for 1200 rupees.
  • Snow boots: in exchange for 1300 rupees.
As you see, it is basically a set of Gerudo-style clothing that helps you resist the heat of the desert or even improve your speed in the sand and snow. Do not hesitate to enter the club to purchase it, it can be very useful on your travels.