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How to find all gift sets in Alone in the Dark (2024)


How to find all gift sets in Alone in the Dark (2024)

Presents in Alone in the Dark are collectible items that can be assembled into sets to unlock additional objectives and unlock various secrets. In this guide we will tell you where to find all the available gifts in the game and how to use the collections.

Let us remind you that the full text walkthrough of Alone in the Dark (2024) is available here. In it you will also find all the available gifts.

Please note: Players will need to find three items to complete each set. It is worth considering that they can and will appear in previously examined areas - if you think that you have explored all the rooms and there is no point in returning there, then you are very mistaken. Below we will tell you where certain items are located and in which chapter they appear.

Curse of the Heartwoods

Collect all three gifts for the Curse of the Heartwoods set and go up to the attic in Chapter 4. Here, approach the loop and interact with it. This will give you the “Meta Ending” achievement.

Alone in the dark

This gift, in theory, cannot be obtained on the first playthrough, because the player cannot know the code to the safe in the administrator’s room on the first floor. However, if you use this combination or select it yourself, you will be able to get the collectible from the safe. Note that if you miss this moment, and in the fourth chapter, when you need to open the same safe according to the plot, the item will not be inside.

Magic palette

In the second chapter, when you find yourself in the swamps, you will have to get to the oil derrick. Having found the lever and lowered the bridge over the river, go up to the attic, but do not go close to the window - this will start a video on the engine, and you will not be able to return back. Examine the barrels, between which you can crawl and find a collectible.

Behold the black Pharaoh

In the third chapter, players will be taken to the pier, where they will have to explore the building of the shipping company. Immediately after this, the target will be updated, and a new area will open on the street. However, do not rush to follow the only door. To the right of it there is a small passage into the courtyard, where there is a poster hanging on the wall - take it.

Children of the Dark Sun

In the third chapter, players will find themselves in a buried temple. Pull the lever and go through the opened door. Install the lens into the stand, direct the beam at the door and rise higher. After the stairs, immediately turn right and run to the end of the corridor - there will be another staircase on the right. Look around this area to find a niche with a gift.

Indigo Ash

In the fourth chapter, you will receive the key to the first floor hall and will be able to visit room No. 3. Go there and immediately inside the door, look at the chest of drawers on the right. The collection item will be located here.


After the segment where the game splits into Emily and Edward scenarios, you'll end up in the basement. Here you will have to solve a puzzle with x-rays, but don't rush. Look around the corridor and find a gurney on which the desired item will lie.


Forbidden knowledge

Derseto stands in the hotbed of the grotesque. A temple dedicated to rebellious growth - the most terrible and harmful side of nature. You may be able to protect your psyche for a while, but rest assured, after some time your soul will begin to pray to this disgusting god.

Such is the fate of all the people who gathered around this ancient tree. They all croak, bark and bleat. Because their own bodies are afraid, and they want to drive out the evil invoked by these words.

Instead of this blasphemous name they whisper the names of Derseto, Astarte and the Black Goat of the Woods.

Pirates of Pontchartrain

Note: All three of the following items can only be found in Chapter 4.

Opera poster

Immediately after the beginning of the chapter, the main character will appear on the landing near the attic. Go downstairs and follow into the additional part of the house, towards the greenhouse. In the intermediate room, where the gun hangs on the wall, a collectible appeared on the chair.

Opera poster

Caribbean map

By opening the safe in the administrator's room, you will receive the key to the doctor's office. Examine it and find the “France” key - this item must be inserted into the globe, which is located on the second floor in the living room. Having done this, pick up the collectible.

Pale mask

A little later in the story, you will find yourself on a stuck ship - it doesn't matter who you play for. Go up to the deck and find the bell, and next to it there is a hole in the floor that leads to the level below. Jump down and find the chair with the item on it.

Forbidden knowledge

The artists spent a lot of time riding boats on the huge Lake Pontchartrain. Poetry, drawing, photography - everything seemed better near the shimmering water under the iridescent sky. One night, when the sailors returned to Derceto, they saw a masquerade ball. Perosi and Nora must have invited friends from the theater. The sailors quickly fashioned masks from plaster and joined the celebration. They had fun for hours until they realized that time had stood still and their friends had disappeared somewhere. Getting excited, the sailors demanded that the guests take off their masks, but they could not, because they were not wearing any masks.

Rorschach test

Immediately after the start of the second chapter, use Baptiste's keys on the door to the administrator's room and examine it. Behind the bookcase to the right of the safe you will find this gift.

Jack in the box

Can be found in the second chapter, when the player receives the key to the living room on the second floor. Examine the first one from the entrance (the nursery) and interact with the box on the chair in the far right corner. Then exit the room and re-enter to collect it.

Flying Dutchman

In the fourth chapter, after opening the safe in the administrator's room and receiving the key to Dr. Gray's office, do not forget to open another door to the waiting room. Here on the sofa there is another item for the collection.

Forbidden knowledge

How terrible it is to realize that your cure was an illusion. That you were so overwhelmed by the valor of suffering that, despite all your efforts, you did not even try to recover. Or that your healing becomes such an obsession that instead of letting the wounds heal over time, you tear the flesh in the hope that it will heal faster and better - as long as it bleeds the way you want it to. Do you think it will ever be possible to fully recover, Dr. Gray?

Prisoner of Ice

For collecting these items you will receive forbidden knowledge.

Do not disturb

Can be obtained by interacting with the door to Dr. Gray's private room at any time. According to the plot, you will get here in the fourth chapter, but you can do this earlier.

Do not disturb

A piece of the puzzle

In Chapter 4, after solving the X-ray puzzle, players will need to go to the attic. Once you get into this room, explore the far right corner. There will be a collectible behind the screen.

Painful proposal

Found in the last winter location where you will find a flare gun. Look for a gift near the tent on the right side of the location - the weapon you just received will help with this.

Tram ticket

In the first chapter, go through the greenhouse and use the housekeeper's key to get into the basement. Go through the kitchen through the open door and turn right. There is a metal grate leading to the wine cellar. The item is on a shelf in the far right corner of the room.


Can be found in the first chapter when you first enter Jeremy's memories. After receiving Baptiste's keys and opening the metal grate, go up the stairs and kill the monster on the right. There is a present on the chair immediately behind him.



This item cannot be missed, as you will receive it automatically after the cutscene in the middle of the third chapter, when you get out of Taroela's large library.

Dignified death

After collecting all the gifts, at the end of the fourth chapter, when you explore Dr. Gray's apartment, examine the closet (where you can find the key to the closet) and interact with the painting.


Once in the graveyard, players will need to find three discs to open the chapel. When you find the last disk, do not rush to leave the cave. On the left in the wall there will be a passage into a small room where the collectible is hidden.

Photos from the war

This collection item can be obtained by playing as Emily. In Chapter 4, when you return to the mansion after the steamboat segment, you will receive the key to the hall on the first floor. According to the plot, you will go into room No. 2, where you will need to use the flash on the camera. On the left, immediately behind the door, lies this present.

Finger tag

Also can only be found in the scenario for Emily. After using the flash on the camera, she will enter her memories and then end up in the morgue. Here you will need to turn on the light and solve a simple puzzle , after which a cutscene will begin. After its completion, do not rush to follow the plot, but return to the groom’s corpse - you will receive a collectible.

Missing children

Collecting all the gifts in the additional part of the house will open a box with a shotgun.


Can be found at the beginning of the second chapter. After talking with Dr. Gray, look at the table at the door to the administrator's room and pick up the gift.


Ink pen

In the same chapter you will find the key to the door of room No. 6, but before that we recommend going to room No. 5 (middle door) and picking up an item for the collection on the table.

Ink pen

Dog collar

A little later you will find yourself in the swamps, and when you return from your memories, you will immediately be able to find this item. Examine the red bag that the hero found in the cave and take the palette knife. Use it to open the nearest room, where the collectible lies.

Dog collar

The whole world is a theater

You will receive an additional goal, after completing which an alternative ending to the game will open. To do this, in the finale you should interact with Grace and give her the last item found - a toy talisman.

Box of cookies

Players will only be able to receive this gift in the scenario for Emily Hartwood. In the fourth chapter you will find yourself in the morgue, where the first thing you need to do is solve the electricity puzzle . By turning on the lights, some items will become interactive, including a box of cookies.

Curious napkin

The same present, on the contrary, can be found in the scenario for Edward in the fourth chapter. Once in another reality, go through the park and enter the only building. There is a napkin to the right of the entrance.

Toy mascot

At the end of Chapter 4, when your goal is to go to Dr. Gray's apartment, you will have to solve a small puzzle. Take the fake book from the table and insert it into the bookcase. At the same moment, a collection item will appear on the floor behind the hero.

Toy mascot

Nurse's watch

This present will appear only in the second chapter. At any convenient time, return to the additional part of the house and visit the room with a locked medicine box. Interact with the window and pick up the collectible on the windowsill.

Forgotten crucifix

In the same chapter, according to the plot, players will need to find fragments of the plate to solve the puzzle with the boiler. Before that, go to the wine cellar and solve the riddle with the electrical panel. However, you must pick up the item before the light goes out (after which the item will no longer be interactive).

Severed Horn

Around the middle of the third chapter, you will be taken from the library to the pier, where you will need to get into the shipping company building and explore it. On the first floor of the building, examine the barrels to the left of the front door - there is a collectible here.

Forbidden knowledge

In his sleep, under anesthesia, Jeremy manifested these words, sifted them from the gangrenous soil of Derseto.

Eternal praise and abundance to the Black Goat of the Forests. Hear us, Mother, and have pity! Have pity on us!

Accept our sacrifice and consider us worthy.

Iä Shub-Niggurath!

Iä Shub-Niggurath!

Black Goat from the Forests with a thousand children.

Beast of burden

For finding all the items from the collection you will receive forbidden knowledge.

Mummified cat

At the beginning of Chapter 2, players will need to repair the decorative plate on the astronomical clock. One of the missing slabs is in the garden well. There will also be a collection item nearby.

Mummified cat

Looking figurine

In the second chapter, the protagonist will find himself in the swamps, where he will have to get to an oil rig. On the way to it you will come across several houses. One of the locations will have three houses at once (this is the only such location). Enter the first house on the left, first squeezing between the drawers to find an item.

Looking figurine

Looking figurine

Evil Unveiled

After the start of the third chapter, you will find yourself in the large library of Taroela. Climb to the upper level and find a small hidden passage in the wall, behind which lies a present.

Death of the Author

For finding all the items from the collection you will receive forbidden knowledge.


In Chapter 4, when you're back in the mansion, go back to the living room and check the back room (this is where you solved the medicine vials puzzle earlier). A collection item appeared in the typewriter.

Broken glasses

You will also find this gift at the beginning of the fourth chapter. Return to the additional part of the house and go to the restroom (at the very beginning of the passage you can only find cartridges here). However, now there are glasses in the sink. Please note that if you do not pick them up now, at the end of the chapter all the doors will be locked, including the restroom!

ink ribbon

When you receive the Matchbox gift, being on the pier near the shipping company building, look around the location and find this gift. It is located on the opposite side of the tap.

Hornless goat

In addition to the Forbidden Knowledge, you will also unlock the additional objective "Leave an Offering at the Whispering Tree" . It is currently unclear how this will affect the ending.

Preserved reptile

In the first chapter, players will find themselves in Jeremy's memories for the first time, and will also be introduced to Baptiste. After the cutscene, just press the interact key, as the present will be standing right in front of you.

Blasphemous Totem

It is found in the fourth chapter, but you can only pick it up in the scenario as Edward. Once in Pearl River, run under the bridge, but at the fork, turn right instead of left. At the dead end there will be a collapsed shack, and inside there will be a collectible.

Blasphemous Totem

jingling shaker

Like the previous collectible, the jingling shaker can only be found by playing a detective. Near the very end of Chapter 4, when your goal is to go to the basement to solve the X-ray puzzle, the main hall will change. Look around the bar counter and find a gift behind it.

jingling shaker

Forbidden knowledge

Edward had heard those whispers for years. When he lived in Brooklyn, this only happened occasionally. For example, when, as a child, he climbed a tall tree in Central Park, or when he almost drowned in the Hudson, trying to save his desperate mother.

When he moved to New Orleans, the whispers began to appear more often, but still not often enough to pay attention to them.

Now, within the walls of Derseto, he knows what is calling him. He doesn’t want to admit it, but the Dark Girl in the greenhouse tells him to make a sacrifice. Give her Kabri-sa-corn.

Light in the distance

We first managed to find this present while playing as Edward. Whether he can be found in the script for Emily - we don’t know. In the second chapter you will gain access to the main hall. Here you will meet a girl in a dress who will be sitting on a chair at a table. Remember this place, because immediately after she leaves, a present will appear on the table.

Light in the distance


Almost at the end of the third chapter, players will find themselves in a buried temple. As soon as you appear here, examine the base of the huge statue and pick up the collectible.

Broken compass

This item can be found in any scenario. In the fourth chapter, the protagonist will find himself in a memory where he will need to start the ship's engine. When you first meet the fleas - new monsters, go down the stairs into the cargo compartment and pick up the gift lying on the box behind the double door.

Forbidden knowledge

There are different ways to cross the line. The simplest is an invitation: an open door leading inside. The rest are sleep, hypnosis, or even sudden fear. There are people who fold space in such a way that even Mobius will be puzzled, and there are also those who jump over corners that contradict Euclid. If you knew how to use your talisman correctly, all roads would open for you. And there would be no need to rely on the fluttering wings of the screeching byahs.

Rat poison

The first collectible you can find in Alone in the Dark. However, if you do not do this in the first chapter, then you will not be able to return back, because according to the plot, the housekeeper will close all entrances to this area. Run to the kitchen and enter the door on the right. Take the gift behind the hanging animal carcasses in the far left corner.

Rat poison


In the second chapter, you will need to find two plate fragments to solve the boiler puzzle. You will find yourself on the second floor of the main hall (in the detective scenario there will be a cutscene with a girl in a dress). Examine the opposite part of the balcony and take the gift.



From the previous place, follow the staircase and go down below. This will take you to the living room with the destroyed piano. Here on the floor you can find a collectible.