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How to get to all the sky islands in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

 We show you the methods available to rise from the surface of Hyrule to the floating islands in the sky in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom without any problem.

The most striking novelty in the extensive map of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is, of course, the beautiful and numerous floating islands that rise into the sky after the events at the beginning of the game. Although the prologue of the story takes place on one of these celestial islands, after descending to the surface of the kingdom it is quite likely that you will begin to wonder how you can go up to the rest of the islands in the world.

In reality, there are various ways to get to all the islands, as you can imagine. In this entry of our complete guide, we are going to show you the main methods to ascend to the islands easily and, furthermore, from very early on in your adventure.

Use the Watchtowers to fly to the islands

Use the Watchtowers to fly to the islands

The basic and most comfortable way to get to most of the celestial islands in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is through the enormous watchtowers that populate the world of Hyrule. The watchtowers are those towers with lights that rise many meters and that you can see in the distance. They are very easy to recognize, right?

It won't take long to unlock the first watchtower shortly after starting the game, during the quest The Happenings at Hyrule Castle in the Watch Fort in Central Hyrule. However, there are still many more in all regions. With each watchtower you visit you will reveal the geography of the map on your Prunia tablet, as well as the celestial islands in the heavens.

  • The great thing about these watchtowers, apart from what has been said, is that you can use them whenever you want to send Link flying into the skies at a high altitude.
  • Sometimes you will even fly above certain celestial islands.
  • Simply when you are flying through the air, open your parasail and head towards a nearby celestial island.

Depending on how much you have increased stamina, you will be able to reach some islands further away from the watchtower locations. Sometimes, with some skill, you can even land on an island and from there reach lower ones soaring through the skies.

Use Backtrack on stones falling from the sky

There are many small sky islands in Hyrule and as you roam the surface you will often see large stones falling from the sky.

  • These stones are part of the islands and are identified very quickly because as they descend they leave behind a colorful trail, as if they were some kind of shooting stars.
  • Thanks to Link's Backslide ability you can make these stones go back in time and therefore fly back into the skies from where they fell.
  • This, evidently, allows you to ascend towards the celestial island if you stand on or hold on to said stone just before activating the recoil.
  • Be careful, not all the stones that fall from the sky take you to a celestial island, but you could still use them to rise very high and fly with the parasail to another place.
The Rollback always lasts long enough for the stone to reach the sky island (or go very high), so it's a guaranteed method of climbing above the clouds. Of course, remember not to do this before you unlock the parasail, because otherwise, you will end up getting stuck on the island without being able to get off it.

Build a Zonnan Hot Air Balloon

The last method that we want to share with you (although there are still more possibilities to go up to the islands if you manage) has to do with zonnan gadgets and, more specifically, hot air balloons .

These balloons can be found in certain parts of Hyrule, but you can also eventually get them in capsules for your inventory and use them wherever you feel like it.

The fact is that balloons can be used by themselves to ascend to the heavens slowly and comfortably if you place a fire source inside them. For example, lighting a torch with fire or burning a wooden weapon works for you. Of course, there are also other Zonnan gadgets that can make you travel to the islands faster; For example, rockets or more complex creations that include turbines and so on, but balloons are a reliable option that you can use almost from the beginning and that do not require too much effort or drain your zonnan battery, you will just need a little patience.