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How to level up quickly in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

This is what you have to do if you want to level up quickly in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Reach level 70 in a few minutes, as long as you have met a simple requirement.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has, like most role-playing games, a level system for your characters. The higher the level, the stronger they are and the more extra AP you get to activate skills. You will also have to raise the level of subjects to have access to better magic and skills. Here you will see what you must do to quickly reach the maximum level in both aspects.

How to quickly level up and subjects at the beginning

Okay, we have to start with the bad news . During the first pass of the story there is no quick system for leveling up and getting AP for subjects. The best system, if anything, is to complete secondary content such as orders , muscle battles , travel reports ...

How to quickly level up and level up at the end of the game

Now yes. After completing the story, you will have a method to quickly level up your entire party, and quickly upgrade subjects (but only your active party).

To start leveling up quickly during the postgame, all you have to do is use chapter selection and load Chapter 12 in Hard mode. In this chapter, as soon as you arrive at Costa del Sol, you can fast travel wherever you want, that's why we have chosen this chapter.

Now, simply eliminate common enemies. The best thing is to go to the Corel desert. The balance between the difficulty of common enemies and the EXP gained is very good, with 3,000 to 10,000 EXP and 3 to 9 AP depending on whether you are going for the fish, finfish, cacti, or chimeras.

How to quickly level up and level up at the end of the game

You will see that the amount of EXP usually serves to increase one level per combat . In less than an hour, you will go from the level of around 50 with which you should finish the first run to level 70, the maximum that the team can have. Remember that everyone levels up even if they don't fight , and that with the experience item equipped on an active party member, you will increase the EXP earned.

Now, there is an infinitely faster system to raise the level of matter . However, it has a disadvantage and that is that it will only serve to raise the matter of the three active characters ... but it is a method to obtain a minimum of 89 AP and a maximum of 168 in less than two minutes and being able to repeat constantly. It is about repeating (you must have the difficult mode activated ) the combat of the exploration simulator A. (grasslands): Lv.1 .

In a very simple combat, which you can even complete in 2 minutes or less. The amount of EXP will be high, but the interesting thing is the AP and that there will be 89 AP guaranteed for each of the materials that your active team has in the slots (reinforcement members do not get EXP or AP in Simulator battles) . But if it also has a skill subject combined with another subject, that subject will take 168 AP .

The combat can be repeated constantly . It is still a slow system, but it is the fastest to level up subjects that you need.