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How to never lose Helldivers 2 supersamples with this simple trick


How to never lose Helldivers 2 supersamples with this simple trick

Are you afraid of losing your super samples in a mining match in Helldivers II? Don't worry, because there is a little trick that will brighten your day.

For another week, millions of Helldivers soldiers continue to battle the insects and automatons that threaten peace and democracy. Now that the Tien Kwan complex has been liberated, it's time to armor up again.

You've surely had a good weekend with Arrowhead Game Studios' shooter, which always has something new to offer us on PlayStation 5 and PC.

Remember that this Thursday, March 14, a new war bonus will arrive in Helldivers 2, and that, in addition, the mecha exosuits are now available.

No matter how much weaponry you have, you've probably looked stupid at some point after losing your super samples in an extraction match.

It can happen to us, but make sure it doesn't happen too many times in Helldivers 2. And, if you don't know how to protect your supersamples, then read on.

In this Helldivers II guide, we tell you how this simple trick works to keep the supersamples you get safe, both on PS5 and PC.

Trick to avoid losing supersamples

In an extraction game, you must be clear that speed is vital. That is, you won't be able to waste much time getting the loot to the extraction point... and of course, you won't be able to lose it either.

Supersamples are highly prized loot, but luckily there's a neat (and easy-to-use) trick to keep you from losing them.

Once you get the super samples, make sure that the fastest player on the team takes them, either because of the light armor they are wearing or because of the advantages.

That player must go to the extraction point, and drop the supersamples there. Don't worry, because they will still be there when the entire team gathers at this place to be evacuated.

To drop the supersamples (or any item), press the X key on your keyboard (on PC) or the down arrow on the PS5 controller.

Be careful, because there are two points at which you should not drop the supersamples. One is the landing center , since the extraction ship could hide them and you won't be able to get them again.

And two: for the sake of it, do not drop the supersamples at the point where the extraction beacon falls , as they could break. No, it's not a joke.