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How to quickly farm super credits and medals in Helldivers 2. Buy a premium battle pass (merit) without real costs and tedious grinding


How to quickly farm super credits and medals in Helldivers 2. Buy a premium battle pass (merit) without real costs and tedious grinding

Just recently, the developers of Helldivers 2 announced a new battle pass, which will feature new guns , auxiliary upgrades, cloaks and cool armor sets. Some items will be given away for free as usual, while others that are “more useful and effective” will cost you 1,000 Super Credits. Fortunately, the developers left the opportunity to earn donated currency in the game itself. In this guide we will tell you how to quickly farm super credits and buy elite items with battle passes without donating investments.

How does the battle pass work in Helldivers 2 and do you need to buy it?

In most service games, the battle pass is a “content dump” that often does not affect the main gameplay. Yes, occasionally developers make mistakes and release skins that give an advantage in multiplayer battles. But this is where the direct influence of skins on mechanics ends. Another thing is Helldivers 2. Its battle pass is part of the progression, without which it is impossible to succeed on high difficulties.

The first battle pass (called “Merit”) is divided into two parts: free and Steeled Veterans. The first provides a basic set of items with which it is easier to “establish democracy” on occupied planets. The second offers more advanced ammunition for effectively eliminating opponents on higher difficulties.

The battle pass is divided into pages. Each one has a standard set: one set of armor, one gun, a pack of super credits, an emote, a banner and a nice bonus in the form of an additional weapon or upgrade. We repeat: not skins, but a full-fledged functional piece of equipment. That is, without a battle pass you will not receive: a shotgun, a rifle with a scope, engineering armor, improvements for the paratrooper capsule and much more. No one will just give you anything. We are presented with a peculiar type of progression that cannot be ignored.

Items are unlocked in the battle pass for medals , which players receive for successfully completing missions, as well as in the form of rewards for global tasks. You will not be able to selectively buy items, for example, buy all weapons and ignore armor with additional ammunition. Each battle pass page has a special limit that must be overcome in order to unlock cooler weapons. Therefore, it is very important to unlock all pages and pick up ammunition items as quickly as possible before the new battle pass appears. Fortunately, players have the opportunity to pick up additional medals from caches that can be found while exploring the planet. Farming super credits is closely related to farming medals, so this guide is very universal.

Weapons and armor in the Steeled Veterans premium battle pass have additional modifiers and provide special advantages in the fight against opponents. Players can unlock the R-4 Senator revolver with 150 damage points, a high rate of fire and armor-piercing enhancement. For battles with automatons, the improved AR-23E “Explosive Liberator” assault rifle is suitable . Unlike the standard version, the premium version has armor-piercing properties and explosive cartridges that perfectly destroy the defense of even the largest robots.

For the battle with beetles, the SG-2251E “Incendiary Crusher” rapid-fire shotgun will be useful . This gun easily penetrates a thick shell and sets fire to everything in its path. With such a thing, legions of “cockroaches” are not scary. A regular shotgun from a standard battle pass can't hold a candle to the "mini-flamethrower" from Steeled Veterans.

You will also receive the ultimate JAR-5 Oppressor high-caliber rifle with explosive ammunition, which is not available in the standard battle pass. And also a healing grenade against beetles and a “flexible budget for reinforcements” amplifier, which can reduce the time for calling allies after exhausting the limits (a valuable thing).

What do we end up with? The Steeled Veterans battle pass is extremely useful for battles on maximum difficulties. Weapon mods are effective against certain enemies, and a unique pistol, grenade, and mod provide significant superiority. If you want to make life a little easier for your character and get the best guns in the first season, then below we will tell you how to quickly earn super credits for the premium battle pass.

How to quickly farm super credits and medals in Helldivers 2

You will receive your first super credits from the regular battle pass. Cells with premium coins are opened using standard medals. The further down the Battle Pass pages you go, the more medals you will need to unlock premium currency. In total, you can earn 750 super credits for the battle pass . This amount is not enough to purchase a battle pass, since we need 1000 . In addition, farming currency through a free battle pass is a long and tedious process. After the fifth page, the progress of unlocking items slows down significantly. The fun progression will turn into a tedious grind of medals. But you will also need them for the premium battle pass.

It's much easier to earn premium currency and medals through gameplay. This method is much faster and more efficient than unlocking cells in the free battle pass. In addition, you can farm not only in the company of friends, but also alone.

Important note : many Helldivers 2 players mistakenly believe that items and currency found in a location are credited only to the person who picked them up. Because of this, situations often occur when allies begin to kill each other in front of hiding places with the hope of snatching some super credits to their account. We hasten to reassure you! Resources, medals and in-game currency are awarded to all players in the party, regardless of who picked them up. And no, their number is not divided between lobby members. If there were 4 merit medals in the cache, then each player is credited with the same number.

What do you need to farm medals comfortably?

First of all, you need to get light armor from the regular battle pass. It will help us quickly move around the map and significantly save time on farming. On the first page you can open the SC-34 Infiltrator with 530 speed points and 115 stamina recovery. This is quite enough for fast farming. If you've already spent some time in Helldivers 2, we recommend unlocking the SC-30 Pathfinder armor with its 550 speed points and 125 stamina.

To increase the speed of moving around the map, we recommend purchasing a jetpack. With its help you can overcome obstacles and avoid enemy patrols. Never equip a backpack with a drone. It greatly reduces the movement speed and stamina of the main character.

On page seven of the regular battle pass, you can unlock the Stamina Boost booster to make your hero even faster and more agile. This will allow you to quickly clear the map of hiding places and save personal time.

What battles should you participate in?

Open the galaxy map and select the lowest difficulty. Next, move the cursor to the right side and select the part of the galaxy where collisions with beetles occur. Select a planet where players are currently trying to push back the enemy onslaught. We recommend taking planets with a low level of vegetation such as Erata Prime and Fenrir III. This will make it easier for you to find caches and notice the signal lights of supply capsules.

Try to take missions with a large map, where there are no water obstacles and huge mountain ranges. The larger the territory of your task, the more resources you will receive. Choose planets without climatic conditions and special modifiers. In hot or cold weather, your hero will move slower in special zones and also lose stamina faster. Land closer to the extraction point. this way it will be easier for you to navigate the space and go around all the hiding places in the location.

How to find hiding places?

Often, caches spawn around the main quest. We recommend running around the area in a circle. To do this, separate the map on the mini radar and follow the boundaries of the combat zone. Don't be distracted by patrols and loners. Your goal is farming, not completing tasks. Having approached the cache, your hero will mark it on the map.

First of all, pay attention to the hills with canyons. Containers often spawn in them. The blue ones most often contain supercredits, and the red ones contain revision data and medals. Blow them up with grenades and empty the contents. Sometimes you will come across large bunkers with shutters. Unfortunately, they cannot be opened if you farm in single player mode.

Next, visit absolutely all places where there are civilian buildings. They are painted blue, making them very difficult to miss. If the building is located on a hill, then the cache will be hidden in a small cliff. A dead paratrooper with a shotgun often lies nearby. Sometimes you will come across farms and science centers where containers also spawn. Always carry 4 grenades with you to open caches on the spot.

Pay attention to the yellow warning lights that flash throughout the mission area. These are crashed supply capsules. The loot in them is completely random. On low difficulties: super credits, medals, weapons and requisitions. At high levels, rare resources can spawn to improve the ship.

If you are planning to farm with friends, we recommend increasing the difficulty. Then information towers will appear on the map, by hacking them you will open all the hiding places on the mini-map. Then all you have to do is clean up the areas.

Once you clear the location of all caches, simply return to the ship without completing the main task. All collected medals, super credits and requisitions will be credited to your account. This way you will save a lot of time. If, in addition to the announced resources, you need samples to upgrade your ship, then you will have to complete the mission to the end.

How long does it take to farm supercredits?

Most often, super credits spawn 10 per cache. There are rare exceptions. We came across containers with 100 and 200 supercredits. The chance of falling out is extremely small, but it exists.

Often containers contain two resources. The game has an unpleasant bug where after taking one item the second one becomes unavailable. Always examine items before picking them up. First of all, take out super loans, and only then the second resource.

Super Credits always spawn differently. It is impossible to predict exactly how much will fall on the next outing. We managed to take out 50-70 pieces per mission. And there were very sad moments when we could hardly find at least one stack of super coins. In return, we received medals, which were very useful in unlocking premium battle pass items.

Playing solo without boosts and our recommended character build, you can easily gain 200-250 super credits in one hour of real time. It will take you 5-6 hours (possibly less) to accumulate 1000 coins to purchase a premium battle pass.

With improved stamina and the right armor, you can farm 270-320 super credits. It took us 4 hours of real time to collect the amount to purchase the battle pass.

Farming in a cooperative brings in an average of 300-400 supercredits. In just three hours you can actually collect 1000 coins and buy a battle pass. By farming a little more, you will save up for all the premium items from the special store.