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How to read map coordinates in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

 We explain in a simple and clear way how to understand the three coordinate axes that appear in the map view of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom adds among its many new features a coordinate axis in the map view, something that makes perfect sense in this game due to the expansion of the world and its three separate layers or heights, with the islands in the sky, the surface of the kingdom and the underground in the depths.

Although it may seem like a silly addition, it actually serves as a huge help in finding your way around the gigantic world of Hyrule and making it easier to find many key locations. However, some players may have a hard time understanding this coordinate axis. In this entry of our complete guide, we explain how to read the map coordinates.

Explanation of map coordinates

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom you can check the coordinates of your current location whenever you want by opening the map view and looking at the series of numbers that appear in the lower right corner of the screen:

These numbers are the coordinates of your position based on a Cartesian plane. That is, as you see, the numbers are divided into three different coordinates that each correspond to an axis of the world (X, Y, and Z):

  • The X axis: is the first set of numbers and belongs to the horizontal plane (left and right).
  • The Y axis: is the second set of numbers and belongs to the vertical plane (up and down).
  • The Z-axis: is the third set of numbers and belongs to the height (depth) plane.

These numbers relate directly to a central point, which in this case is the center of the Hyrule map. In addition, you can also see these coordinates in real-time in the minimap view, as we show you below:

Explanation of map coordinates

Therefore, it is easy to understand these coordinates. Basically, if you move left or right you will change the first set of numbers and the same for the other two axes in their corresponding planes and spaces.

Now you know how to read these coordinates correctly. This can be very useful for you to locate certain locations in the world and above all to guide you better when you consult some of the sections of our guide in which we show you the exact coordinates of areas such as the Sanctuaries, the posts, or the watchtowers.