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Jetragon Palworld: Boss, Capture... How to obtain this Pal?

 Are you looking for Jetragon in Palworld, but you don't know how to approach him to defeat him? Find in this article all the information you need to know about this Pal!

Jetragon in Palworld

Watch over Palpagos from above. When calamity strikes the island again, the earth will open and the sky will burn. He will then strike down evil in a flash of total destruction.

Jetragon in Palworld

  • Type: Dragon
  • Partner Skills: Air Missile - When mounted, allows the use of rapid-fire on the missile launcher
  • Working capacity: Collection lv.3
  • Dropped Items: Pure Quartz, Polymer, Carbon Fiber, and Diamond
  • Encounter Level: 50

Jetragon is considered to be the fastest flying mount in all of Palworld. However, to ride it, you will need its saddle which you can unlock in the Technology tree at level 50 for 5 technology points.

To increase Astegon's movement speed, it is best to have the “ Course ” trait. Also, try to capture as many as possible until you obtain this trait which allows you to have a 20% increase in movement speed.

How to beat Jetragon?

Jetragon's arena is located in Black Volcano. To hope to beat him, you will need to raise your Pals, as well as your character, to level 50. The best Pals you can have to eliminate or weaken him with the aim of capturing him are Frostallion, Cryolinx or even Vanwyrm Cryst.

How to beat Jetragon

  • To strengthen the attacks of your Ice Pals, don't hesitate to join your Foxcicle team. Its partner skill allows you to increase the attack of Ice-type Pals!

But why choose Ice-type Pals? Because Jetragon is a Dragon type and his kryptonite is none other than Ice. Plan a strong team with Ice Pals, ice accessories for your character, and a good stock of spheres if you want to capture him.

And before leaving, feed your Pals who will go into battle with some dishes that increase defense or attack (depending on the needs of your creatures). We think in particular of Kelpsea Fritures, Mozzarina Cheeseburger, or Eikthyrdeer Ragout.

How to capture Jetragon?

To capture Jetragon, you will need on the one hand to have a good percentage of chance of capture (which you can improve thanks to the statues of Liufmunk that you give to the Statue of Power of your camp), but above all a good amount of legendary Spheres.

To promote capture, try to alter Jetragon. An alteration allows you to inflict continuous damage and above all to increase the chances of capture, so if you have a Pal capable of freezing Jetragon, don't hesitate to use it in combat!