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Jormuntide Palworld: Boss, reproduction, capture... How to obtain this Pal?

 Want to get Jormuntide in Palworld, but can't beat him? In this article, we give you some tips for beating it, but above all for obtaining it other than by encountering it in the wild thanks to reproduction!

Jormuntide in Palworld

Legend has it that a wise man unjustly thrown into a whirlwind was reincarnated in Jormuntide to destroy the entire country.

Jormuntide in Palworld

  • Type : Dragon / Water
  • Partner Skills : Stormy Sea Dragon - Can be used as a mount for swimming. When mounted, stamina no longer drops during water travel
  • Working capacity : Watering level 4
  • Dropped Items : Pal Fluids
  • Encounter Level : 45

Jormuntide is a Pal mount, and you will need to make a saddle to ride him . However, the latter is relatively slow, which is why we advise you to ride it only if it has the “ Sprinter ” trait. This passive trait will allow him to gain 30% movement speed, which is not negligible given his slowness.

How to get Jormuntide with breeding?

You don't yet have the level to play the Alpha version of Jormuntide, but you really want to get this Pal? That's good, because it's possible to obtain it before level 45! Indeed, you can have Jormuntide by spawning a huge dragon egg at the Ranch by breeding certain very specific Pals .

We found an association that allows you to have Jormuntide relatively early:

  • Quivern + Relaxaurus

As well as another association, but which allows you to have it at level 44:

  • Pyrin + Menasting

We only know of two Pals associations at the moment, but it is quite possible that others could be valid.

How to beat Jormuntide?

Jormuntide is located in the large lake of Bamboo Valley . He is a Dragon and Water type, so you will need to favor Electric and Ice type Pals to melt his life bar. On the other hand, you will have to avoid Fire or Dark type Pals , because Jormuntide's dual type constitutes a huge weakness for Pals of this type.

How to beat Jormuntide

The fight will take place in the water or on the small island with the tree, so you will need to have Pals capable of flying, but also Pals who can attack from a distance. We offer the following Pals: Cryolinx, Relaxaurus Lux and Grizzbolt. By attracting Jormuntide to the island, you can easily trigger and win the fight!

Then, to properly prepare your Pals for combat, we invite you to increase their power thanks to the Enrichment Capsule, then the Power Statue, but also by giving them food. Feed them with a few dishes that increase defense or attack (depending on your creatures' needs). We think in particular of Kelpsea Fries, Mozzarina Cheeseburger or Eikthyrdeer Ragout.

For you, we advise you to use firearms and in particular freeze grenades.

Finally, to capture it, you will undoubtedly have to increase your chances of capture from the Statue of Power (with the help of the Lifmunk statues found all over Palpagos), but above all provide a good stock of legendary Spheres. Its capture rate is quite low, so you will probably have to try it several times!