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Kitsun Palworld: Where can you find this Pal frame that protects against both cold and heat?

 Are you looking for Kitsun in Palworld, but don't know where to look in the world map to find him? Find in this article all the information you need to know about this Pal!

Kitsun in Palworld

Sensitive by nature, he retreats to his cave when something bothers him. In the past, people believed that a Kitsun who entrenched himself portended disaster.

Kitsun in Palworld

  • Type: Fire
  • Partner Skills: Mind Clear - When mounted, cold and heat have no effect.
  • Work capacity: Fire Starter Lv.2
  • Dropped Items: Ignition Organ and Leather
  • Encounter Level: ~30

To improve Kitsun's partner skill, you will need to create an Enrichment Capsule for Pal. To successfully enrich, you will need 5 Kistun: 1 main Kitsun and 4 other Kitsun which will be “eaten” by the main Kitsun. By performing this upgrade, the partner skill “Blank Mind” will be able to increase to level 2. To continue upgrading Kitsun, you will need 13 more Kitsun.

Enriching or improving the statistics of your Pal does not modify the work capacity, it is used exclusively for the skill that you activate manually while having the Pal at your side.

To ride Kitsun, you will need a saddle. The latter is unlocked at level 30 and requires 2 technology points.

To increase Kitsun's movement speed, it is best to have the “ Course ” trait. Also, try to capture as many as possible until you obtain this trait which allows you to have a 20% increase in movement speed.

Where to find Kitsun in Palworld?

Kitsun is a nocturnal Pal, so you will only be able to encounter him after dark.

This Pal only appears in a very specific location on the map, namely the Frozen Mountain. At night, the temperatures are very low, and a simple heated outfit will not do the trick: you will have to invest in better clothing or travel to this mountain with Arsox, the Pal frame that allows you to stay warm when we mount it.

To capture it with a good percentage chance of success, we advise you to use Ultra Spheres . The Giga Spheres will allow you to obtain it, but several attempts will undoubtedly be necessary.