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Lies of P Boss Guide: How to Defeat All Bosses


Lies of P Boss Guide: How to Defeat All Bosses

The main feature of any souls-like is boss battles. It is in these battles that you can feel how difficult the game really is. Lies of P is rightfully considered one of the best representatives of the genre. This was largely achieved thanks to unusual bosses, each of which requires a different approach. In this guide, we'll tell you the fastest way to defeat them all and what attacks you should expect.

General strategy

Regardless of the enemies, you must remember two important rules for local battles. First, try to learn the difference between a regular block and an ideal one. You can read more about this in the guide about builds. Here we will say that when you block you lose a little health, but with a quick attack you can get it back. This always works, so with enough skill you can extend Pi’s life even in critical situations.

Second, don't neglect being overwhelmed. When enough damage is dealt, the boss's health bar will appear in a white frame. Make a powerful attack, after which the enemy will be stunned. A circle will appear on the ground next to him. Stand there and attack with a normal blow. Pi will automatically do a combo that can take a huge amount of health at once. Almost all boss battles will involve stuns to one degree or another.

For defeating enemies you will receive personalized Ergos. Do not spend them, as the plot will reveal a character from whom you can exchange artifacts for especially powerful weapons and amulets.

Parade Master

First stage

Parade Master

The first boss and a tangible obstacle in Pi's path. You need to watch the movements of the enemy's hands, they will prompt most of the attacks. Beware of quick straight punches from the right and left. Usually they happen in a series of about three. Dodge or block, the main thing is not to break the distance too much, since after such a combo you will have a window of 1-2 attacks.

Sometimes the Parade Commander will raise both hands up - dodge. This is an area attack and will usually be furious (the boss turns red). You can only block furious attacks with a perfect block. If you're not used to it, it won't be easy. It is better to be behind the enemy at this moment in order to deliver an enhanced attack, but if you just move further away, it will also work.

Finally the third attack is a belly slam to the ground. Here you will have relatively much time to assess the situation and prepare countermeasures.

The general recommendation for the first stage is to stay as close as possible and quickly stun the boss.

Second stage

Second stage

About halfway through the battle, when the boss is at half health, the Parade Commander will tear off his own head and use it as a pommel for his club. Attacks will become faster and over a larger area. Instead of punching in a straight line, the boss will swing the club in an arc around itself. Circular attacks will also be added. On average, expect three swings of the weapon, so it is important to find the right moment. Belly punches will not change, proceed as in the first phase.

Avoid violent attacks and moments when the boss raises his weapon above his head. A new combination is a few quick downward strikes, as a result of which Pi will be pinned to the ground and will neither be able to block nor dodge.

In general, at the second stage it is better to dodge rather than block, since the cost of a mistake is significantly higher.

For victory you will receive: quartz and ergo of the Parade Commander.

Crazy Donkey

You will encounter Crazy Donkey on the bridge. There's a lot of room to maneuver here, but the boss has a large sword, so he can catch Pi mid-dodge. The upside is that the enemy's weapons are very slow and the hits are easy to track.

Crazy Donkey

Sometimes the boss will attack while jumping - dodge. Furious attack - three quick attacks. At these moments it is better to break the distance. The general recommendation is to try to get behind the Crazy Donkey and make an enhanced blow. The boss is susceptible to such techniques and will quickly lose all health. Remember to keep attacking the enemy while he gets up from the backstab. When maneuvering, keep your block raised, as Donkey can catch you with a sweeping arcing strike.

For winning you will receive: Mad Donkey's hunting vestment, Mad Donkey's mask, Krath's town hall key, Enigma assembly machine and pulse ampoule.

Scrapped Watchman

First stage

Scrapped Watchman

At the beginning of the battle, the Defective Warden differs very little from the Parade Commander. In addition, this is the first boss where you will be allowed to summon a ghost to help. There are similar mechanics in “souls” from FromSoftware. The ghost is not very strong, but has individual weapons and abilities. After the battle the phantom will disappear. Summoning will require special consumables, so you can easily find yourself without support in a difficult battle. Having spent all your supplies, you will have to return to farm.

At the first stage, the boss attacks with his hands. These attacks are very similar to the Parade Commander's, but do more damage. Usually there are series of three attacks. Keep in mind that the Defective Warden's arms are very long, so dodging tactics will not be effective. Play from the block and don't break the distance too much.

Another attack is a single hand attack. She walks in a straight line, not in an arc like the previous series. The third option is a backhand strike. Here Pi can get hit even if he is standing to the side or behind.

Furious attack - a jump with an enhanced landing on the ground. The same Parade Commander did something similar. Remember that this attack can only be blocked with a perfect block, so it's best to dodge.

Second stage

Second stage

At the second stage, all attacks will remain the same, but electrical damage will be added. In addition, when the boss makes a furious attack, electricity spreads around him in an area.

Another furious attack with two hands from top to bottom will be added. The boss may try to grab Pi, which will immediately kill or severely injure the hero.

For winning you will receive: a battery with excess poison, an ergo crystal of a broken hero, a core, quartz and a small wooden officer puppet.


The Survivor is an optional boss and can be skipped. However, if you carefully study each location, you will stumble upon it with almost one hundred percent probability. This is also a human, but unlike Crazy Donkey, he attacks with fast attacks. The fight takes place in a small room, which greatly reduces your mobility.


There is no point in blocking the Survivor's attacks, you will still miss. So focus on dodging. The tactics are the same as with the Mad Donkey - go behind your back and deal increased damage.

Reward: Guardsman's Promise emote, Survivor's Hunting Gown, and Survivor's Mask.

Puppet of the future

Perhaps the easiest boss in the entire game. The huge machine walks from side to side and looks menacing, but it is very easy to defeat. The boss has only two attacks - either with his feet or with his hands with heavy balls. The legs can be dodged, and the balls will not cause damage at all if you stand directly under the puppet. Overall, hit the legs and you can win easily.

Reward: quartz and a glowing piece of ergo.

King's Flame Fuoco

First stage

Fuoko, Flame of the King

The second story boss, which will make many people sweat. Take care of your equipment first. Since Fuoco, this question will often be relevant. Prepare all means to reduce overheating. Also replace the weapon that causes burning with something else, as the boss will be immune to this effect. A great idea would be to take a sword with electric damage. A prosthesis with a zipper is also very useful. During the battle, keep an eye on the pipes in the arena. These are good covers that Fuoco can destroy easily. It is advisable to leave a few for the second stage.

The boss's right hand is similar to a hammer, which he will begin to actively use at the beginning of the battle. These will be fairly slow blows that are easy to block or dodge. Remember that the attack comes both from bottom to top and vice versa. Beware of circumferential impacts.

During furious attacks, Fuoko will start running towards Pi, here it will be easiest to dodge.

Second stage

Second stage

At the second half of health, the boss's tactics will change slightly. First, he will start shooting with a firearm on his second hand. Here it is important to block (yes, this is possible) or dodge in time. The second danger will be fire, which Fuoco periodically spreads around itself over a large area. You can avoid overheating by hiding behind the pipes. If the battle drags on, the machine will release clots of an oily substance into the arena, which are not only flammable, but also greatly slow down Pi.

Circular attacks will change slightly - fire will come out of the cannon, just like a flamethrower. Try to stay as close to the boss as possible, then most of his ranged attacks will miss, and you will deal significant damage.

Reward: Brilliant Flame Enhancer, Flame King's Ergo, Flame Sharpening Stone.


An optional and fairly easy boss. The Redeemer is human, so there won’t be any big surprises from her. The boss either attacks with a hammer or with his free hand, which inflicts infection. The attacks are easy to read and easy to avoid. Trying to block here is not a very suitable tactic. As with the Donkey, go behind the enemy’s back to inflict increased damage.

The attacks will not change in any way during the battle; the boss only has one stage. As a reward you will receive the key to the cable railway and the mask of the Redeemer.

Fallen Archbishop Andreas

First stage

Fallen Archbishop Andreas

Fallen Archbishop Andreas is one of those bosses that can get on your nerves. The battle with him is long and will require preparation. First, think about your equipment. Something fiery will do, such as a fire abrasive and thermite mixture. Take care of your weapons. You can choose something that also inflicts the burning condition, or the “Seven-Twist Sword”, sold from Alidoro for an ergo from bosses. Prosthesis - Flamber. Do not forget to also use the help of a ghost, since it is extremely difficult to defeat Andreas alone. When Pi misses hits, he will receive the "Corruption" condition, which greatly reduces his health. Cleaning ampoules will help with this.

Fallen Archbishop Andreas attacks with his paws and tongue, so if you cannot block well, dodge to the right or left. Bouncing back won't be effective because the boss can still hit Pi. Strikes can be either from top to bottom or in an arc.

It's best to attack from behind. This will work if you let the phantom take the brunt of the damage. Try to cause Andreas to burn as quickly as possible. This will speed up the first stage and allow you to start the second phase with the ghost still alive, which is very important.

Second stage

In the second half of the battle, the boss will change. The remains of the Archbishop's human body will appear, holding a staff in their hands. This way the monster will start attacking from both sides. The dangerous distance will increase, so you will have to decide which side Pi will be on and which the ghost. You can try to attack from the side, but it is unlikely that you will be able to maintain this advantage for long. Hitting with the staff is very painful, and Andreas can also use magic. In these cases, you will have to greatly break the distance, since the blue rays fly far.

Furious Attack - The boss stands up on his paws and walks towards Pi's position to lower his entire body onto him.

In any case, it is safer to attack from the side from which this battle began. There will be already familiar blows, which are a little easier to dodge. Don't forget about the combustion effect.

Reward: Ergo of the Broken Angel.

Elder of the Brotherhood of the Black Rabbit

The next story fight is different from anything you have previously seen in the game. You have to defeat four enemies at once. Initially, there will be only one opponent - the Elder Brother with the big sword. His attacks are slow, but have a few nuances. The first is that it won’t work to constantly attack from the back - sometimes when swinging from top to bottom, the sword will also catch those standing behind the boss. In addition to the standard sweeping strikes, the Elder will rotate the sword in a circle. The key here is to combine blocking and dodging. If you have learned how to place a perfect block well enough, there is a chance of breaking the big guy's sword, which will greatly simplify the task.

Elder of the Brotherhood of the Black Rabbit

Pay attention to the furious attacks - they deal a monstrous amount of damage.

There are no stages in the fight as such, but when the enemy’s health decreases to 75%, a second member of the brotherhood will appear in a hare mask. Concentrate immediately on helping. If you're lucky, the ghost will take over Big Brother while you can focus on the new arrivals. The hare attacks with two short swords. They do a little damage, but you need to be careful here too.

The other two attacks slow down Pi, making him vulnerable to Elder's attacks. Beware of the bunny's jumps, during which she can throw the hero behind her. As long as Pi gets up, he is vulnerable. The second nasty attack is a rebound with a shot of knives. It's better to block here. The hare is weak, so you can deal with her quickly, but don't forget about the block. Her attack streaks last a long time, especially the furious ones.

At 55% of the Elder's health, a second brother with a spear will appear. It will be a little easier here, since he is slow, hits in a straight line and you can go behind his back to inflict increased damage.

Finally, at 40%, the last of the Brotherhood with a sword will jump into the arena. It is strong and dangerous, so it is better to try to save as many health ampoules as possible for this stage. If everything goes well, only the Elder will remain, who can be finished off.

Reward: a glowing piece of ergo and the “Provocation” emote.

White Lady

The boss is human, and yes, you read that right. You'll have to run around her to successfully inflict increased damage from behind. The White Lady is very dexterous and fast. You will have to be skillful with her, since she can block many attacks in order to launch a counterattack. For equipment, something with the effect of electricity or fire is suitable. Prostheses should be selected accordingly.

White Lady

Watch the position of the Mistress's hands. When a weapon is behind your back, it means a powerful attack is being prepared. In general, the boss's attacks are quite monotonous. Its main advantage is speed.

Reward: White Lady medallion and White Lady mask.

Mad Clown Puppet

This is an optional boss that you can run through. There will be a save spot right after the arena, so it's best to run away during your first encounter to ensure you're close to the respawn spot. The enemy almost always hits in bursts, so you have to block. It won't be easy to dodge these combos. The simplest combination is punches with the left and right hands, and then, after a short pause, with both at once in a jump.

Mad Clown Puppet

Another common clown attack is spinning. Every time he turns he hits, so you have to block very quickly. Beware of the furious attack. It changes depending on the distance to Pi. If the clown is far away, his fist will fly at you. If there is close contact there will be two quick thrusts with the fists.

Notice that sometimes the boss will place one hand on the ground and crouch down. Immediately after this he will jump, attacking with his stomach.

For winning you will receive: quartz.

King's of Puppet

First stage

King's of Puppet

A very difficult fight, as it involves two fundamentally different opponents with very different attacks. At the beginning you will encounter a large puppet with 4 arms. Equip the fire prosthetic in advance - it is effective and you will have enough time to use it.

Also, by any means possible, increase your protection against physical damage and purchase offensive consumables. Another useful tip is to equip an amulet that slows down weapon wear. You will have very little time for this, but this way you will get a slight advantage.

The first attacks will be fairly easy to read. This is either sweeping swings of the arms, or rotation with a heavy blow from top to bottom. Sometimes the Puppet King will break the distance himself. He also jumps away, first lowering both hands to the floor; in this movement, you can take damage. The optimal position is at his feet, so it will be more difficult for him to hit you.

When the boss's health drops below 60%, new attacks will be added. First, a series of very fast lunges will appear. Secondly, the enemy will move faster around the arena, and all single attacks will turn into pairs.

The Puppet King can fire bluish projectiles that can be blocked. Remember that they do not explode immediately. He can also throw air around himself, or drill the floor with his paws.

The boss has two furious attacks. The first is a strike with both hands, and the second is a delayed attack, in case you are at a distance.

Please note that while stunned, you can set the King on fire, this will increase the damage. When the robot's health reaches zero, the second phase will begin with the one sitting inside the Puppet King.

Second stage. Romeo

Romeo is the real Puppet King. He is almost as tall as Pi and very fast. The boss uses a scythe as a weapon. Romeo delivers a series of quick blows and also moves sharply, leaving a trail of fire. If you miss blows, you will get overheating. There are two dangerous moves that are best blocked - when the boss sticks the weapon into the ground and suddenly pulls it out, dragging Pi along with him, and when Romeo's mechanical eye lights up. Immediately after this, he makes a quick lunge forward.

There are two furious attacks - either the boss jumps up and lands sharply on your position, or begins to spin around the weapon. In both cases, it is better to break the distance, otherwise you will receive huge damage.

If you haven't mastered the perfect block by this point, you'll have a very difficult time. In the beginning, we recommend playing from the blocks to break the braid. This is important for the second half of the fight, when the boss's moveset will change. Once Romeo reaches 50% health, he will turn his scythe into fire. Immediately after this there will be a series of incredibly fast strikes where the boss will practically start flying in front of Pi. If the scythe is broken at this point, Romeo will be greatly limited in range and this will give you an advantage.

Reward: Scorched White King's Ergo, Puppet Prince's Official Attire, and Someone's Necklace.

Champion Victor

First stage

Champion Victor

A powerful story boss reminiscent of the Hulk. He attacks with his arms and legs respectively. Two main series of 3 or 5 fast attacks can cause a lot of problems. There are also single hits that either deal heavy damage or knock Pi into the air. Kicks are usually single.

Another powerful attack that definitely needs to be controlled is when Victor crouches and accelerates. It doesn't change its trajectory once the animation starts, so it's important to choose the right moment to dodge. There's no point in blocking this.

A good option would be to equip a fire prosthetic and use consumables. The boss moves slowly for most of the fight, so it's easy to throw something at him. The burning effect perfectly weakens Victor.

There are two furious attacks - either a strong kick or a series of punches.

Second stage

Second stage

When you defeat Victor by half, a cutscene will start. The boss will become stronger, but also slower. In general, the attacks plus or minus are the same. There will be no combo of 5 attacks, but there will be a combo of 3. In addition, the stun effect will change. When you land a strong attack, the boss will not fall immediately and may hit you. The furious attack will also change - it will be a sharp lunge in a straight line with a punch.

When Victor starts laughing, he is able to grab Pi. Then you will find yourself completely helpless and receive several crushing blows at once. Try to attack the boss from behind while he is distracted by the ghost. This will give you a slight advantage.

Reward: key to the gallery with the statue of the merciful Saint and the ergo of the reborn champion.

Owl Doctor

Another non-story human boss. He has a heavy sword and a dagger, which he throws at Pi if the hero breaks the distance. A furious attack is a sharp lunge forward. Try to get around him from behind. Dr. Owl is a relatively easy boss, but the small arena can get in your way.

Owl Doctor

Reward: Doctor Owl mask.

Green Swamp Thing

First stage

Take care of Pi before the battle. Take ampoules that cleanse from damage, as well as a prosthesis and a sharpening stone associated with fire. The green swamp creature moves in sharp jumps, so keeping track of it is not always easy. In addition, the boss periodically burrows underground. It can only be tracked by moving potholes. As soon as the ground starts to approach, dodge.

Another dangerous attack is when the boss stands on its hind legs and roars. Immediately after this, three “hand” attacks will follow.

When the swamp creature retreats, wait for 4 tentacle attacks. It will be especially successful if the boss concentrates on the ghost during this combo, and Pi manages to run behind the monster. This way you can cause a lot of damage almost painlessly.

Tentacles are dangerous due to the negative debuff they apply to Pi in huge quantities. If the battle starts to drag on, you may see the boss raise his right paw and side. This is immediately followed by a very fast tentacle attack that is extremely difficult to block. If the boss catches fire, this will greatly simplify the battle.

Second stage. Puppet Eater

When you completely defeat the swamp creature, the boss will change and restore full health. His attacks will also become completely different. In some movements the Defective Caretaker will be guessed. The boss's first move is a quick dash in a straight line using his arms. If you don't have time to dodge, you risk getting hit several times. The second attack is a punch attack, just like the Defective Caretaker. The only difference is that a tentacle is added to the arms.

When the boss turns 180 degrees, expect a very quick 6 tentacle strikes. The Puppet Eater, like some other bosses, has a unique grab. If you miss it, an animation will start during which Pi is completely helpless. You can track this movement if you pay attention to the boss’s inaction. When the Puppet Eater stands for several seconds and does not attack, it means it is preparing to throw, dodge.

Furious attack - the boss begins to roll on the ground with his back or a sharp downward strike with his hands.

For winning you will receive: a green hunter ergo, a puppet eater and a golden ergo.

 Robber weasel

One more person. The boss wields an ax and throws knives or hatchets. The Rogue has good damage, so you should be careful and patient. If you have offensive consumables, use them to quickly gain an advantage. As before, try to go behind your back to deal increased damage.

Reward: mask of the Cunning Robber and hunting vestment of the Cunning Robber.

Conductor of Illusions

A humanoid optional boss who wields a cleaver and a sword. Conductor of Illusions has a very high attack tempo, so you will have to constantly dodge or block. The boss doesn't move much, but you should still be careful. In addition to sweeping blows with a cleaver, the conductor strikes with a sword from top to bottom, trying to pin Pi to the floor. Single lunges alternate with a series of circular swings at a faster pace.

It is very difficult to approach the Guide of Illusions from behind. Try to stun the boss through the blocks. Also note that if you miss hits, the hero will receive the negative status of breakdown. If the fight starts to drag on, the boss can use a psychic attack with waves emanating from his head. This is accompanied by screaming. At such moments, it is better to move as far away as possible. The boss can also create copies of himself, which will also complicate the passage.

Reward: Legion Ammo and Waning Protocol Moonstone.

Corrupted  Parade Master

This boss is reminiscent of the very first difficult enemy in the game, but with a few changes. Instead of a head, he has infected tentacles, which also replace his entire left arm. The boss has a large club in his second hand. With it he makes sweeping strikes in an arc, as well as in a circle. Sometimes the boss falls to the ground, trying to crush Pi with his weight. However, this is not the end of the combination. Immediately after, he will begin to crawl towards you, striking with his hands. There are many of them and they are fast - be careful.

Periodically, the boss will spit out clots of corruption, from which infected ones will be born. Remember that when killed they explode and cause damage. Left hand strikes with tentacles are also afflicted by this debuff.

A furious attack is a direct attack with tentacles or a sweeping downward blow with a club. To make your life easier, take something that inflicts burning, and also be sure to stock up on ampoules that remove damage.

Reward: Full Moon Moonstone and Quartz.

Brotherhood of the Black Rabbit

Second skirmish with the remaining three brothers. Their attacks are already familiar to you, but there are some peculiarities. Each weapon will have additional weapon effects - burning, damage, or electric shock. They will all attack together, so summon the ghost and also buy an upgrade for it that increases health through the cube. As a rule, only two of the three participate in direct battle, but the brothers are constantly changing. Don't forget to equip an amulet that increases damage to people.

It is important to kill any of the three at the beginning, and weaken the remaining two as much as possible. This is necessary because by the end of the battle a revived Elder will appear. It’s interesting that if you break his sword in the first fight, it will remain shortened. As soon as the Elder enters the battle, quickly eliminate the weaker brothers so as not to be distracted.

Reward: quartz.

Door Guardian

A big giant with an ergo club. To win, you need to know the trick - fix the target not on him, but on his right leg with ergo particles. The boss's attacks are strong, but very slow. If you miss, you will receive the negative “Shock” effect. Fierce attack - a jump and a sharp fall on the ground where Pi is standing. Due to the slow pace, you won't always be able to block, so it's easier to dodge.

The most dangerous thing a Door Guard can do is a somersault followed by a blow that knocks them down. Hit only the leg and the boss will fall, and you can cause serious damage to him. Repeat until victory.

Reward: High Rank Alchemist Token.

Black cat

You can skip the battle if you give away the fruit of the Money Tree.

If you do get into a fight, the boss won’t seem too difficult. It's easy to block and go behind your back. Black Cat also does not use powerful techniques.

Reward: Black Cat mask.

Laxasia the All-Perfect

First stage

The boss close to the final one will be a real test for you. Laxasia is very complex and has two stages that are completely different from each other. Be sure to use the ghost and a cube with a temporary improvement for it. At first the boss will be in heavy armor. Her sword is covered in electricity, so you'll sometimes get a negative status if you don't dodge.

The fight will start with a heavy attack from top to bottom. The boss also quickly closes the distance by dragging the sword along the ground and striking upward. The entire floor along the route will be electrified. Another common strike is the sweeping horizontal swing. Sometimes Laxasia will use a series of swings that end in a furious attack. The second combo is a powerful kick followed by a sharp lunge in a straight line. In general, the first stage is not fast and it will be easier for you if you charge the weapon with some effect - damage or fire. We recommend saving as many first aid kits as possible; they are needed for the second stage, which is much more difficult.

Second stage

When the boss's health reaches zero, a cutscene will start. You will see the girl's true appearance as she gets rid of her armor. The sword will be charged with electricity almost constantly. Immediately after the cutscene, Laxasia will fly into the air. Lightning will strike around it, so it is better not to come close. Also, lightning will fly towards Pi, they can be repelled with a block.

At the end of this state, the boss will land sharply on your position - dodge. Laxasia can shoot lightning in your direction with her sword, it is better to block them. Standard attacks will become faster. The boss moves in jerks, attacks with a sword in all directions and defends himself with a shield. Some of the blows will remain from the first stage, but with electricity.

Reward: Sad Fanatic's Ergo.

Red fox

A human boss who uses similar moves to Cunning Rogue.

The tactics are the same. Block and dodge to get behind your back at the right moment and deal increased damage.

Reward: Red Fox mask.

Simon Manus, Hand of God

First stage

The final boss of several endings of the game. You can read more about the finals in a separate guide . This is a big monster with a club. To win you need to maintain the correct positioning. Simon has a long arm, so attacks take place at some distance. If you stand closer to him, many of them simply won’t hit you.

The boss often strikes downwards with the pommel of his weapon. Sometimes this attack turns violent - Simon jumps up and attacks Pi's position. Also, the enemy often attacks in an arc or runs up and lunges upward. In general, the movements are easy to read, so all you need is skill and patience. Try to save as many first aid kits as you can, as the second stage is completely different.

Second stage. Awakened God

The boss will change and grow a second arm. Attacks will also become different. The phantom hand can hit the floor with energy or make quick swings. The most dangerous attack will be the rays. They inflict the Breakdown debuff on Pi. When the gauge is full, you will die instantly. It's better to dodge the rays. They cannot be blocked. Club strikes will become faster. Also, a huge ghostly hand will periodically appear in the arena, attacking with a column of energy from top to bottom.

Sometimes the club will become electrified. Everything else will remain the same as in the first stage.

Reward: ergo of the fallen and the hand of God.

Nameless puppet

First stage

The real final boss will test all your skills. This fight is difficult primarily because of its speed, since the enemy will constantly use combos and quick attacks. However, at the first stage everything will be more or less manageable. A series of heavy sword strikes from above and below awaits you - use the perfect block. Periodically, such attacks add up to a double combo, but the speed will not increase. The furious attack is the same. The danger is in a three-hit combo. They happen suddenly, but here too it is better to block rather than dodge.

Sometimes the boss jumps. At these moments, a combination of three attacks awaits you. It's not easy to stun a puppet. You most likely won't have enough time to make a heavy attack, so take your situation into account. When the boss jumps away from Pi, throw various consumables at him. Conditions also work, but do not try to abuse this, since the second stage is still waiting for you and here it is more important to save first aid kits than to fight effectively.

Second stage

At the second stage, the boss's health will be fully restored, and a second sword will appear. The speed will increase sharply. Firstly, a bunch of 6 quick attacks will be added that need to be blocked. When the boss jumps away, he can quickly dash towards Pi, attacking along the way. The jump with an enhanced downward strike will remain. Circular vertical strikes will also be added. This is also 5-6 hits. The sword can extend into a large red spike. This way the boss can reach Pi from a distance. Try to play from perfect blocks, since dodging is almost useless - the hero will receive damage in the back and quickly die. As soon as there is an opportunity to stun, use it. The longer the fight drags on, the more often you will miss hits, and we don’t need that.

Occasionally the boss will press his blades to his shoulders. This means that now there will be a sharp jerk in a straight line. It's almost impossible to block this, it's better to just jump to the side. When the puppet combines the sword into one blade again, he prepares to make a sharp lunge in a straight line. Dodging will also help here.

If the boss combines the sword and raises it above his head, you will be attacked with a vertical wave of red energy. It can't be blocked, jump away. There will be no more surprises.

Reward: ergo of the Nameless Puppet.