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Lovander Palworld: Where to find this Pal to get cakes?

 Do you want to stock up on cakes, without necessarily making them from your camp? Lovander is the Pal you need! In this Palworld article we give you its various positions so you can encounter and capture it quickly.

Where to find Lovander in Palworld?

The Lovanders are part of Palworld 's nocturnal Pals : you will therefore not be able to come across them in broad daylight.

You'll have no problem finding them in the wild, as Lovander hide exclusively in desert areas, namely the Anubis Twilight Desert and the Suzaku and Menasting Barren Dunes !

Where to find Lovander in Palworld

Regarding raids, be aware that their nighttime visit is purely random. There is no way to determine what is causing these desert Pals to arrive in your camp. No matter which biome you set up camp in, they can appear at any time after dark.

How to quickly defeat Lovander to get cakes?

Unfortunately, the Lovanders cannot produce cakes for you within the camp. So, to obtain cakes without using a single resource, you will have no choice but to eliminate or capture them. We will then have to roll up our sleeves and engage in nightly battles against them.

Whether it's to get cakes quickly or to survive a Fangirl raid, we advise you to have Dark-type Pals on your team.

Having the Non-elemental type, the Lovander are indeed very fragile against the Pals of this category. Below, you will find our selection of the best Dark-type Pals according to your progress in the game:

  • Start of game: Tombat , Cawgnito and Felbat
  • Mid-game (~30): Incineram Noct and Pyrin Noct
  • Endgame: Shadowbeak , Astegon , Maraith , and Necromus

They are all known to be good combat Pals, so don't hesitate to place them in your team to quickly eliminate these Pals in the wild or in your camp to ensure the latter's protection during unexpected raids!

If you are looking for other Pals, be sure to check out our Wiki page which is full of tips. You will be able to know the position of many alpha Pals such as Broncherry Aqua , Menasting or Astegon , but also those of resource Pals, such as Mozzarina or Tocotoco !