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Master Warrior Dragon's Dogma 2: Where to find him to obtain the secret skill “Impetuous Fury”?

 Do you want to perfect your fighting style as a Warrior by learning the secret skill of this class, but you can't find the master Warrior? In this article, we explain everything about it!

Master Warrior Dragon's Dogma 2: Where to find him to obtain the secret skill “Impetuous Fury”?

Class Masters… What are they for?

Teachers hold important knowledge for a particular class . This knowledge is embodied in a skill that no other can surpass.

Secret skills cannot be learned other than with a special book and only masters have them . So, if you want to perfect your art in combat, you will have to go looking for them to obtain them, but not only that... You will also have to obtain their recognition so that they can deliver their secrets to you.

Some masters will introduce themselves to you naturally and will directly give you their secret skill (notably the master Archer-Mage ), while others will be a little more discreet and will actually wait until you have proven yourself.

Who is the Master Warrior in Dragon's Dogma?

You would probably have guessed it, but the Master Warrior is Lennart , the NPC living in Melve , the one who introduced you to the master and secret skill system at the start of your adventure in Dragon's Dogma II .

When you first visit Melve, Lennart will not teach you any special skills. You will have to prove yourself to be worthy of getting it. To achieve this, you will just need to progress in the main plot of the game , in particular that of Vernworth, the capital of Vermund.

To give you a few hints, we obtained the Warrior's secret skill by completing the following quests: “ Disa's Plot ” and “ Troublesome Encounter ”. Afterwards we went to Vernworth Oxcart Station to chat with Donovan , the owner of the oxcarts which are now heading back to Melve.

By accepting his request, the quest “ Delivery by oxcart ” was added to our quest log with the objective of delivering a letter to Lennart.

By traveling with the oxcart to Melve, then delivering the letter to Lennart, we were able to once again engage in conversation with him and he gave us his secret skill “ Impetuous Fury ”.