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Menasting Palworld: Dungeon Entrance, Capture... How to obtain this Pal?

 Are you looking for Menasting in Palworld, but you don't know how to enter his dungeon or how to approach him in combat? Find in this article all the information you need to know about this Pal!

Menasting in Palworld

His body composed of energy is an empty shell. It pushes its prey into its shell to absorb it while still alive. Moans echo continuously around him.

Menasting in Palworld

  • Type: Darkness / Earth
  • Partner Skills: Steel Scorpion - When fighting alongside it, increases the player's defense and if an Electric-type Pal is defeated, the number of items obtained also increases
  • Work capacity: Extraction lv.3 and Slaughter lv.2
  • Dropped Items: Coal and Venom Gland
  • Encounter Level: ~44

To improve Menasting's partner skill, you will need to create an Enrichment Capsule for Pal. To successfully enrich, you will need 5 Menasting: 1 main Menasting and 4 other Menasting which will be “eaten” by the main Menasting. By making this upgrade, the partner skill “Steel Scorpion” will be able to rise to level 2. To continue improving Menasting, you will need 13 more Menasting.

Enriching or improving the statistics of your Pal does not modify the work capacity: it is used exclusively for the skill that you activate manually while having the Pal at your side.

To increase Menasting's movement speed, it is best to have the “Courrier” trait. Also, try to capture as many as possible until you obtain this trait which allows you to have a 20% increase in movement speed.

Where to find the entrance to the Menasting Arena?

The Menasting Arena lies on the tip of the great desert located northeast of the Palpagos Archipelago.

The entrance to the small scorpion dungeon is at the bottom of the cliff, southwest of the boss icon. By using the parasail to descend or a flying mount, you will very quickly be able to notice wooden installations. It is by rushing into the cavity that you will be able to come across Menasting in his arena.

How to beat Menasting?

Menasting is a Dark/Earth-type Pal: you will therefore need to prioritize Fire and Dragon-type Pals to weaken it quickly. On the other hand, you will have to avoid Non-elemental and Electric type Pals at all costs. They will take a lot more damage since they are weak against the types that Menasting has.

Jormuntide Ignis, Suzaku, Blazamut, or Relaxaurus are excellent Pals to defeat the Desert Scorpion!

Before going into battle, don't forget to upgrade your Pals with the Statue of Power and the Enrichment Capsule to improve your Pals' stats and skills. Also, feed your Pals with small dishes that increase defense or attack (depending on the needs of your creatures). We think in particular of Kelpsea Fries, Mozzarina Cheeseburger, or Eikthyrdeer Ragout.

Where to find Menasting in the wild?

If you don't want to look for Menasting in its alpha version, you can very well find it in the wild. The latter is located in a wild area, that is located next to the Black Volcano, to the west of the Palpagos archipelago.

This area, like the other two, is protected by the local militia: thus, the capture of Pals within this island is “prohibited”. However, by exercising discretion, you will be able to wander freely in the area.

Menasting has a relatively low appearance rate: it is, therefore, advisable to eliminate or capture the Pals in the area to refresh the appearances and thus increase your chances of finding him. To capture, you will have to use Ultra Spheres, or even Legendary Spheres, like its boss version.