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Metal Palworld: How to quickly farm metal ore to obtain ingots?

 Metal ingots are very important in Palworld: they allow you to craft a fairly large number of facilities and resources, including better quality spheres for catching Pals. Except that this resource constitutes a real weight in the inventory and engaging in intensive farming of this resource turns out to be really complicated. Find in this article our best tips for farming metal ore on Palworld!

Metal Palworld: How to quickly farm metal ore to obtain ingots?

Farm metal by building a secondary base

On Palworld, you can create several bases: and therefore, instead of making several trips to your camp with a small amount of metal in your inventory, the most interesting thing is to create a sort of metal factory next to several deposits of this resource.

To create a second camp, you will have to roll up your sleeves a little, because your first camp will have to reach level 10 before you can set up a second one.

  • No need to make a bed for your character or workbenches: only the construction of a Pal box will be enough to create a new camp, as well as a teleportation point.

This is actually perfect, as you will need to go up a few levels to settle into a new area. To create a base, there are many places that benefit from a wide diversity of resources, but to intensively farm metal from the start of your game, we have found a place that deserves your attention: the mountains located at north of the boss Chillet dungeon (level 11).

There you will find a high concentration of metal, which will be beneficial for you to create a base specialized in metal and the creation of ingots. In addition, the desert will be nearby, which will allow you to go there to collect coal or even sulfur for your gunpowder.

However, if the desert is not really your cup of tea, know that you can build a mining base in the Panda Forest. In the position shown below, you will be able to optimize the extraction of resources, because coal is also found in this location. On the other hand, it will be necessary to demonstrate great accuracy in the construction of the installations, because the terrain is far from flat.

Otherwise, if you want to create a base for the long term and not a base that only focuses on metal extraction, you can also choose the mountains of the yellow forest, those of the hamlet, which hide some interesting places for building a base and metal.

Which Pals to choose for farming metal?

Each Pal is equipped with working abilities, and here for metal we need Pals who excel at mining deposits . At the start of the game, it will be interesting to look for Rushoar to benefit from their partner skills “Hard Head” which allows you to break rock more easily.

However, once you have progressed a little further in your game, you will undoubtedly have to choose other Pals specialized in extraction, notably Dumud (an excellent transition Pal) then Digtoise . Subsequently, when you are high level (40+), you will have to look for Blazamut , Astegon , Reptyro or even Menasting because their extraction and fire lighting skills make them perfect Pals for managing a factory. ingots.

Except that this tip does not solve the problems related to the weight of your inventory. So, to go faster and above all to avoid incessant back and forth trips, we advise you to make your mining camp completely autonomous . To do this, here are our tips:

  • Place Extractor Pals also equipped with the fire-starting skill in the camp
  • Place nocturnal Transport Pals with the fire lighting skill, but also nocturnal ones to continue working while the Extractor Pals sleep
  • Create storage spaces (no more than two)
  • Make Forges or Furnaces (two or three)
  • Make an easy-access food box
  • Create relaxation areas so that your Pals can take breaks
  • Make beds for your Pals to sleep in

With this tip, you will be able to create a real base for massively farming metal!