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Mossanda Palworld: Capture, reproduction, location... How to get this Pal?

 Are you looking for Mossanda in Palworld, but don't know where to look in the world map to find him? Find in this article all the information you need to know about this Pal!

Mossanda in Palworld

His strength is immeasurable. He would have easily torn up a bundle of 3,000 sheets as part of an experiment. Fortunately he is not carnivorous.

Mossanda in Palworld

  • Type : Grass
  • Partner Skills : Pandanade -Allows the use of rapid fire on the grenade launcher when mounted
  • Work capacity : Seed lv.2, Manual work lv.2, Slaughter lv.2 and Transport lv.3
  • Dropped Items : Mushroom, Leather, and Tomato Seeds
  • Encounter Level : ~25

Mossanda is an excellent Pal to go to work in your camp . He is not very strong in combat and is not an ideal mount for exploration, which is why we recommend placing him in your camp so that he can take advantage of his many working abilities. .

How to get Mossanda with breeding?

Although it is relatively simple to obtain Mossanda in the wild, you can also obtain it through breeding. So, if you simply want to complete your Paldex or create a perfect Mossanda, find below some combinations of Pals that you can do to obtain it!

  • Cinnamoth + Faleris
  • Grintale + Pyrin
  • Univolt + Helzephyr
  • Surfent + Mammorest
  • Elphidran + Reptyro
  • Azurobe + Faleris

Where to find Mossanda in Palworld?

Mossanda is a Pal who can be found both during the day and at night, so you won't have to worry about what time you are going to go looking for him. This Pal only appears in one place on the map, namely Leafy Creek, at the foot of Frozen Mountain.

To have a good percentage chance of capturing it, we advise you to use Teras spheres . The Gigas Spheres will allow you to obtain it, but several attempts will undoubtedly be necessary.

If you're really struggling to get it, don't hesitate to improve your capture chance percentage at the Statue of Power. This installation may seem secondary, but is actually a godsend for saving spheres!