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New Game + Rise of the Ronin: How to access it and what does it change?

 Rise of the Ronin is a game that becomes extremely demanding the higher you increase the difficulty, and this type of game usually offers to continue the adventure, even once it has normally ended, via a New Game +. Is this the case for Rise of the Ronin? This is what we are going to see here.

Rise of the Ronin doesn't have a "traditional" New Game + mode

The first thing to note is that yes, Rise of the Ronin does indeed have a New Game + mode, and this will therefore delight fans of this feature. Be careful, however, because we must point out that it is very different from what is usually done.

New Game + mode, in the overwhelming majority of games, works as follows: you keep the progress from your first game and start the game from scratch. In return, the difficulty has gone up a notch.

Rise of the Ronin doesn't have a "traditional" New Game + mode

Elden Ring, for example, allows you to replay the main adventure up to 7 times in New Game + with, each time you start again, a new level of difficulty which will be unlocked and will push you even further to your limits.

Except that on Rise of the Ronin, you won't be able to start the story from scratch, or at least not in New Game +. No, instead the game will offer you the opportunity to relive certain moments of your adventure that you can choose from a timeline.

How to access New Game + on Rise of the Ronin?

To access New Game +, you will need to go to the Testament of the Soul. To do this, you will need to have finished Rise of the Ronin. You will then have access in your Nagaya to this new “mode” New Game + which is presented in the form of a timeline.

There, you will be able to replay the missions you want. To spice things up, you will also have an additional difficulty which will be unlocked via this game mode and which will make the fights even more complicated for you.

Indeed, enemies will be more aggressive and more reactive to what you are going to do. In addition, the window for successfully making a parry is reduced , making them even more punishing if you don't have the right timing. Finally, the effectiveness of healing items is reduced.

If it is not a conventional New Game + mode that awaits us on Rise of the Ronin, there is still something to have fun with for a little while and also test the different repercussions of the choices that you will be led to make. do during these missions.