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Niffler Hogwarts Legacy: Location of capture, colors, shiny... Everything you need to know about the magical creature

In this guide, we explain everything you need to know about the Niffler, one of the few creatures from the Harry Potter universe, and more precisely that of Fantastic Beasts, that you can recover in Hogwarts Legacy. How to successfully capture it, collect materials for your equipment, have the different colors and, above all, how to capture this famous Niffler: we tell you everything!

If you have already launched Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy, you know full well that one of the game's quests asks you to "capture" a handful of fantastic animals to shelter them in one of the vivariums of your Room on Demand. In the lot, we find the famous Niffler.

Niffler Hogwarts Legacy: Location of capture, colors, shiny... Everything you need to know about the magical creature

While watching the films, you must have already seen a sort of creature with black fur, a sort of cross between a mole and a duck, which is an extremely valuable ally when it comes to getting your hands on treasures. Well, know that it is possible to save this creature in Hogwarts Legacy. To help you accomplish this task, we explain how to successfully capture it, which is somewhat delicate, and obtain the different colors and materials that you can use for your equipment.

Where to find a Niffler in Hogwarts Legacy?

In Hogwarts Legacy, you have several opportunities to capture a Niffler. Below, we list the different options available to you. There is three :

  • The mission “ A Thief in the Night ” will allow you to obtain a special Niffler.
  • The side quest “ Rescuing Rococo ” offers you the opportunity to capture a Niffler named Rococo.
  • While exploring the open world, you will also find five Niffler nests. To find them easily, you can consult the interactive map.
Where to find a Niffler in Hogwarts Legacy

Where to find a Niffler in Hogwarts Legacy

How to capture a Niffler in Hogwarts Legacy?

As mentioned previously, capturing a Niffler is not necessarily an easy task! So, to prevent you from experiencing a little too much difficulty, we will explain the steps to follow to make your task easier . Here are the four conditions to meet to capture it:

  1. First, use the Disillusionment spell so as not to frighten the creature when approaching it.
  2. Then, sneak up on the Niffler.
  3. Once you're close enough, use the Levioso spell to keep him in the air.
  4. Finally, take out your catch bag and press the button at the right time (4 times necessary).
If you are still having difficulty following these four steps, you can lower the difficulty in the settings and switch it to Story difficulty. As a bonus, you can also consume potions of invisibility and silence which will allow you to maximize your chances of capture.

What are the different colors of Niffler found in Hogwarts Legacy?

In Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy, you can collect several Nifflers of different colors. Those who intend to collect them should therefore know that Nifflers can be found:

  • Blue and white
  • Dark blue
  • Dark gray
  • White (shiny)

How to breed Nifflers and collect materials?

Thanks to enclosures and reproduction, you will be able to obtain new colors of baby Nifflers. What's more, by feeding and brushing your Niffler, you will obtain fur, a useful material to improve your equipment via the Loom. Here are some tips for best managing reproduction and resource collection:

  • Capture a male Niffler and a female Niffler to be able to breed them.
  • Take care of your Nifflers to maximize resource production: by doing this, you will collect Niffler Fur, a rare material.
  • It is possible to sell Nifflers for a fairly substantial sum of money, but we advise you to keep them carefully in your enclosure to make them reproduce and obtain materials.