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No Rest for the Wicked Coop: Can we play with several people on the same server?

 No Rest for the Wicked, the new Action-RPG game is just around the corner and players are wondering if there is a Coop mode. We give you the answer.

Fan of action and RPGs? No Rest for the Wicked is coming soon to satisfy you! The new game developed by Moorn Studios GmbH is already making waves and some players are eager to test it. Bloody battles and a thrilling plot await you in No Rest for the Wicked!

Although impatient, some players are wondering about the possibility of playing cooperatively in the game. In this article, We'll give you the answer regarding the existence of a Coop mode!

A Coop mode for No Rest for the Wicked?

More the merrier, the merrier! As confirmed by the studio, you will indeed have the possibility of sharing your world and progress with one, two, or even three friends thanks to online co-op mode. News that will likely please many players, allowing them to share good times in the game.

No Rest for the Wicked will be available on April 18 in early access on Steam. So prepare yourself to embark on a new world, alone or with others, you will face formidable adversaries on the journey of your own life!

A Coop mode for No Rest for the Wicked

No Rest for the Wicked, what type of game is it?

No Rest for the Wicked, developed by Moon Studios, is a bloody and demanding action RPG game designed to revolutionize the genre. You will face horrible creatures, enemy soldiers, and merciless bosses in intense and bloody battles.

Defeat your opponents to obtain sensational rewards and new weapons. In addition, as in other games of the genre, you will have the chance to enchant your equipment in order to become even more powerful , and terrify the enemies who stand in your way.

No Rest for the Wicked, what type of game is it

Synopsis of No Rest for The Wicked

The game takes place in the 9th century following the death of King Harol. As news of his death echoes throughout the kingdom, the crown falls to his son Magnus, an arrogant prince whose worth remains to be proven. Worse still, the Pestilence, an abominable plague extinct for a millennium, reappears. It blows across the lands corrupting everything and everyone it touches.

La Madrigale Seline, a figure of the church nourishing an implacable ambition, sees in the Pestilence the opportunity to prove herself in the eyes of her god. These forces converge on the remote island of Sacra, where rebel groups and the provincial government clash amid local ruins.

Synopsis of No Rest for The Wicked

You belong to the people of the Cerimes, a group of holy mystical warriors endowed with fabulous powers who have sworn to defeat the Pestilence at all costs. But the task will become more and more complex as you find yourself caught between the plight of the people and the vast political conflict that is consuming this oppressed land. In the turmoil, you will be torn between several factions even as you attempt to purge this land of the evil that corrupts it and to change the destiny of the kingdom.