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Pal Palworld Fluid: Where to find it and what is it used for?

 Are you looking for Pal Fluids on Palworld, but you don't know where to find them? In this article, we explain how to easily obtain them, but also their usefulness in crafting!

Pal Palworld Fluid: Where to find it and what is it used for?

What are Pal Fluids used for in Palworld?

Pal Fluids are a crafting component that will be useful for crafting many things during your adventure in Palworld.

On the Pharmaceutical Table, Pal Fluids will be useful for making strange drinks and questionable drinks to increase the working speed of your Pals.

In the Pal Equipment Workbench, Pal Fluids will allow you to create harnesses, saddles or even collars so that you can take advantage of your Pals' partner abilities.

In the Workbench, Pal's Fluids will be necessary to make Cement which will allow you to create Terra Sphere, level 3 spheres, an improved furnace or even a production line.

In construction, Pal Fluids will be useful for making some facilities, including a hot spring so that your Pals' Minds can rise when they take a break.

Clearly, Pal Fluids are used for a lot of things and will quickly become a resource just as important as metal or even paldium shards.

Where to find Pal Fluids in Palworld?

Now that we know the usefulness of Pal's Fluids in Palworld, it is now time to wonder where we can find them.

The main source of Pal Fluids is found in certain Water-type Pals. To collect this resource, you have two options: eliminate the Pals to collect the resource or capture them.

The second option seems to us to be the most appropriate, because the extra Pals can be used to improve the Pal that you want to keep at your side. To improve your Pal with other Pals of the same species, you will need the Pal Enrichment Capsule which you can obtain at level 14, in the Ancient Technology section of your technology tree.

On the other hand, which Pals provide Pal Fluids ? Find below the list of Pals who provide this resource.

  • Fuack
  • Pengullet
  • Teafant
  • Celeray
  • Gobfin
  • Surf
  • Kelpsea
  • Jormuntide

Although you are advised to capture the Pals, we advise you to eliminate Jormuntide. It requires Ultra Sphere (with a little chance of additional capture) or Legendary Spheres. So at low level, you will have no chance of getting it.