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Pal Palworld Sphere: Paldium Shard, Mega Sphere, Giga Sphere... How to make them to capture our first Pal?

 Are you taking your first steps in the survival game Palworld, but you don't know how to capture your first Pals? In this article, we explain how to make Pal Spheres: we tell you how to quickly obtain paldium shards, then we will explain how to obtain superior spheres, namely Mega Spheres, Giga Spheres and Terra Sphere.

Pal Palworld Sphere: Paldium Shard, Mega Sphere, Giga Sphere... How to make them to capture our first Pal?

How to make my first Sphere of Pal?

When you've finished creating your character, you'll be launched into the wilds of Palworld . You will be asked tasks, but unfortunately, no indication will allow you to really understand how to make your first Pal Spheres , the Palworld Pokéballs.

Here, nothing could be simpler, you just need to hit a little wood (with your fists) to then create a makeshift workbench . From this workbench, all you have to do is get paldium shard, stone and wood (always hitting with your fists or making an ax and a pickaxe) to make your first pal spheres.

  • Know that you can find Pal Spheres in the wild! Poachers sometimes drop them, so don't hesitate to watch the ground during your discovery sessions!

How to get paldium shard?

Don't know how to get Paldium Shards? It's actually quite simple!

Paldium shards are the blue deposits that you can find everywhere in the Palworld universe . By mining them, you can collect paldium shards to make your pal spheres.

However, there is a much simpler way to obtain paldium shards: the crusher . Once you have unlocked this installation by leveling up your character (from the Technology menu), install a quarry, then the crusher right next to it. By putting the collected stones into the crusher, they can be transformed into paldium shards and mace!

You will just need to find a Pal that has the “ Watering ” work ability, but you will not take long to find some. Pengullet can be found relatively quickly at the start of your adventure.

How to get higher pal spheres?

Except that the classic Pal Spheres will quickly become insufficient to capture certain Pals, especially the largest ones. Also, you will need to gain experience until you reach level 14 to unlock the Sphere Workbench from the Technology selection . The latter will allow you to make Mega Spheres , but also Gigas Spheres when you have unlocked them at level 20.

However, even Giga Spheres will become insufficient at some point. You will then have to create Terra spheres that you can make using the sphere production line available at level 27 (which will need to be powered with a generator). The Ultra Spheres and Legendary Spheres will have to wait until player level 35 and 44, but especially for the evolution of the production line (II).